How Kimono Inspired Clothing is Shaping Modern Fashion

  • Kimono is a traditional garment which has been worn as a part of Japanese culture for centuries. The simplicity of the elegant kimono is not only used in a special occasions and festivals, but it is also popular among the tourists who want to try out a kimono experience.


    Some places also offer the costumes for the tourists because they want to spread the words about this historical piece. One of my online writer friends rented a kimono from a shop in Tokyo for a day, but in return she had to share the experience on her platform to the readers.

    Kimono on the Catwalk


    Nowadays, there are a lot of well-known fashion designers who have designed the collections based on Japanese culture. Though, the fashion style may not exactly look like a kimono 100%, it can be obviously seen that the pattern of the designs is absolutely inspired by the kimono. First, there is Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Inspired by kimono, the brand transformed the runway into a world of modern Japanese culture. The showcase was represented in the kimono silhouette, including the colours which were designed in three shades; black, white, and red.

    Alexander McQueen Official Website

    Another designer whose collections were inspired by the kimono is Gareth Pugh. As one of the leading creative designers of the fashion industry, Gareth’s works have been worn by a lot of Hollywood celebrities such as Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. His kimono inspired collection is one of my favourites since every piece shown on the catwalk was in contrast to the whole kimono concept I had in mind. The main theme of the show was designed in three shades; black, grey, and white.


    Although, kimono is only worn during the festival season, and important events in Japan, it is a popular selection among the designers in other countries. Besides, kimono may not just be a symbol of simply beauty anymore, when the new designs of the fashion industry can empower the strength of the culture too.

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