77 Things to Do in Ikebukuro to Make the Most of Your Visit to Tokyo in 2019!

  • If you come to Tokyo, classic, must-see spots like the famous Shibuya’s scramble crossing which is crossed by thousands of people an hour, Harajuku’s colorful shops with unique and sometimes strange fashions, and Shinjuku’s busy streets including the notorious red light district will likely be high on your list of places to go. However, did you know that Ikebukuro is a lesser-known district that is just as bustling and exciting?

    Unlike Shibuya and Shinjuku, Ikebukuro is not a ward on its own. Some describe it as “up-and-coming”; it is the district that is fast becoming one of the favourite hang-out spots in the city. A goldmine of anime and manga shops, home to the fantastic Sunshine City shopping center, and the location of the pleasant date spot that is the Sunshine Aquarium, this area of Tokyo is a wonderful place to spend at least a day and night or two. From the Sunshine City essentials to historical sites off the beaten path, this list of 77 things to do and places to visit has you covered for a great visit!

    A Brief History of Ikebukuro

    Ikebukuro actually used to be a small village which became a city called ‘Sugamo’. Originally, this area was known for attracting both locals and foreign residents as it was a cheap place to live. Since the Showa Period, Ikebukuro was a place which attracted arty types, travelers, and generally people who needed affordable housing. Ikebukuro literally means ‘Pond bag’, given the name due to the multiple ponds which used to exist in the area.

    The influx of artists and international people has meant that the trendy and somewhat alternative history of Ikebukuro has followed on and continues to the present day. Nowadays, this district is buzzing with life, art, excitement, and music. Many people may not know that it is also famous for its Chinese community, who moved to the area from the 1980’s onwards. There is a bustling Chinatown here, although it is smaller and less known than the Yokohama Chinatown.

    Ikebukuro as it is today is a place in which you will find almost anything! It has a unique history and has its fair share of shrines and historic monuments such as the Tokyo Shaheed Minar. It is also stuffed full of anime stores, gaming arcades, old-fashioned Japanese haunted houses, and a plethora of modern department stores.

    1. Chill Out at Book and Bed Tokyo


    A fairly new addition to Ikebukuro is this unique hotel where the rooms are filled with books from floor to ceiling. There are also beds to relax in that are designed like little coves to snuggle up with your favorite read. Every book lover’s dream, this place is not just somewhere to stay overnight; you can also visit during the day and enjoy refreshments while reading as many books as you like. Not to worry about any language barrier, either, as there are many books available in English. Take a break from the bustling streets of Tokyo and curl up with a book for an hour or two!

    Check out more information on rooms, rates, and facilities here!

    2. Do a Walking Tour of Ikebukuro

    Young asian woman walking in the city

    Walking tours are becoming more and more popular among travelers these days and with very good reason. While you can visit many areas on a bus, getting a real feel of a place is best done by foot, and if you go with a guide, you know you are guaranteed to see everything in good time without getting lost. Ikebukuro may look like a few busy streets at first glance, but explore the area with somebody who knows their way around and you are sure to discover the area’s unique charm.

    A walking tour around Ikebukuro promises incredible architecture, rooftop views, an insight into the anime and otaku world and even the chance to experience an earthquake simulation. This full-day tour will take place from around 9:00am to 5:00pm and includes a pick-up from your hotel in the morning along with plenty of food and drink breaks throughout the day.

    Booking details: Learn all about Ikebukuro in a private walking tour

    3. Visit Gokokuji Temple

    Gokokuji Temple is a historically significant site that can be found close to eastern Ikebukuro. Built in the 1600s, this Buddhist temple is famous not only for being founded by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the fifth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty of Japan, but also for having survived numerous air raids on the city during World War II. Many elite historical figures are also interred here.

    The area around Gokokuji is a beautiful, quiet spot to learn some interesting things about Japan and its past. The temple is surrounded by trees which transform throughout the seasons and are especially breathtaking during autumn when red, yellow and orange leaves can be admired from all around the temple grounds. You can also visit in early spring to see the cherry blossoms. Take a break from the city and see one of Tokyo’s charming historical buildings.

    Gokokuji Temple Website
    Gokokuji Temple Access

    4. Learn to Bake Healthy Organic Bread and Veggies

    While bread may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Japanese cuisine, these days Tokyo seems to have a bakery or patisserie on every corner! Despite this wheat-loving trend, organic bread is still something that is hard to get your hands on. In Ikebukuro, you can learn how to bake organic bread made with natural yeast, Japanese rice, rice malt, and wheat, as well as cooking up some scrumptious dishes made from fresh, organic vegetables.

    Classes are run by the host, Akiko, in her house just 10 minutes from Ikebukuro. Akiko trained as a chef in culinary schools in Tokyo and London and focuses on macrobiotics. Her classes take place at the weekend both in the morning and afternoon for which you can either join a group or book a private individual or group lesson. Try something a little different during your Tokyo stay and learn to cook some delicious and healthy dishes!

    Booking details: Learn how to Bake using Natural Yeast

    5. Take a Trip to an Owl Café

    The famous owl statue that greets you into Ikebukuro Station is a good introduction to the district’s love for owls. This is the place to come to get up close and personal with these incredible birds.

    Ikebukuro is home to the Owl Park Café where you can relax in the same space as a variety of different owls and even get the chance to hold them! Unlike a lot of animal cafés, you don’t have a limited time here so you can spend as much time as you like appreciating the owls and getting some great close-up snaps. The café is closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and public holidays so be sure to book it into your schedule for another day in the week. For bird lovers, this charming café is not to be missed.

    Booking details: Play with Cute Owls at the Owl Park Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

    6. Try Out Virtual Reality at Sunshine 60’s Sky Circus

    young business Woman with virtual reality goggles

    If you want a view of Tokyo that is different from Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree, head over to the Sunshine 60 observatory. Previously just an observatory deck, they have recently started offering a special aerial virtual reality experience.

    A trip to the Sky Circus will take you to the Tenku 251, the observatory deck where you can still get a good eyeful of Tokyo’s incredible views, followed by a trip to a room full of mirrors, experience the world in 4D at the Sky Bridge and finish off at the Sky Party area where you’ll get the chance to experience different types of weather over the city of Tokyo.

    Booking details: Get Sky Circus Observatory Tickets for Sunshine 60 in Tokyo!

    7. Enjoy a Beginner’s Japanese Lesson


    If you want an authentic experience in Japan, learning a bit of the language is one of the best doorways into Japanese culture and also gives you the chance to communicate with local people. After a trip around Ikebukuro, why not head off the famous Otome Road to a language school where you can have a one-off beginner’s lesson in Japanese?

    Whether you’re just interested in learning a bit about how Japanese and its three alphabets work or you want to be ready to impress the locals in the shops and restaurants, this will be the perfect introduction to Japanese to give you some simple phrases that will help you get by. This easy and fun lesson might be exactly what you need to boost your confidence when travelling around the country.

    Booking details: Begin your trip in Japan with an easy Japanese lesson

    8. Get Cultured at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

    Are you looking to do something cultured during your visit? The Tokyo Metropolitan Theater was renovated in 2011 and reopened in 2012 with an impressive new look. The theater hosts a variety of arts programs including dance, music performances, and plays. There are also events and lectures that take place here.

    Tickets can be reserved online in English although be warned that most speaking performances will take place in Japanese. Luckily the beauty of the performing arts is that a lot of them can be appreciated without the need for language so non-Japanese speakers should check out the dance and music recitals. Definitely check out this great location in Ikebukuro if you’d like to enjoy a theatre performance.

    Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Website
    Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Access

    9. Enjoy a Magic and Comedy Show

    Ikebukuro has lots of tricks up its sleeve with its bustling streets as crowded at night as in the day. To experience the nightlife in a unique way, how about visiting a bar that gives you more than just drinks and music? One of Ikebukuro’s bars offers “owarai” Japanese comedy, a lot of which involves slapstick comedy easy to understand, as well as hosting a magician. The exciting atmosphere of the bar is perfect for an evening of entertainment and another side to Japanese culture.

    The show runs for two hours and includes an all-you-can-drink offer. Your reservation can be made in English, Chinese, or Korean, so no worries about any language barrier!

    Booking details: Enjoy a Magic and Comedy Show in a bar in Ikebukuro, Tokyo!

    10. Go Shopping at Seibu Department Store

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    This department store takes up a huge chunk of Ikebukuro Station. You may notice its big blue banners from the outside and once inside, you’ll definitely feel the classy atmosphere. The station is the terminal for the Seibu Ikebukuro line and thus, the department store is in the same area. You can purchase a whole variety of goods from clothing and accessories to stationery and DVDs. You can also eat at one of the high-quality restaurants. Start (or finish) your trip by spending some time in this classy department store.

    Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro Website*Automatic translation available
    Seibu Department Store Ikebukuro Access

    11. Taste 100 Different Types of Sake

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    楽器正宗30BYの新酒第2弾! 新たなチャレンジとして純米酒が登場しました😄🍶✨ . これまでにリリースされてきた本醸造タイプとの味わい違いをぜひお楽しみください。 . 福島県・楽器正宗(がっきまさむね) 純米酒 生詰 おりがらみ 720ml ¥1300税抜 . さいとう酒店🍶大木代吉本店様page https://www.saitousaketen.co.jp/product-list/46 . #栃木県 #大田原市 #さいとう酒店 #日本酒 #福島県 #大木代吉本店 #楽器正宗 #純米酒 #生詰 #おりがらみ #日本酒バー #日本酒バル #日本ワイン #ワインバー #地酒 #酒屋 #居酒屋

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    There are certain things that you have to try on any trip to Japan and the country’s famous rice wine is, of course, one of them. Sake, which varies across the country, has been popular in Japan for centuries. While it is an experience to try one glass of sake, you couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try out as much sake as you like from a choice of 100 varieties!

    See if you can taste the subtle differences between the different types of rice wine. You can also bring along your own snacks and work out what makes the best combination with your favorite sake. Once you’ve found the one for you, jot down the name and you can search the brand to take home with you as the perfect souvenir. Click the link below to find out more about this activity. Please keep in mind the drinking age in Japan is 20.

    Booking details: Taste 100 Kinds of Sake With an “All-You-Can-Drink” Plan!

    12. Have a Picnic in Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park

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    Drama fans might recognize this park due to the success of the 2000 drama, Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Perhaps because of the novels that inspired the drama as well as the drama itself, this location has earned itself a bad reputation. However, travelers need not worry as plenty of people go to and through this little park regularly. With its location right in front of the Metropolitan Theater, it’s a nice place to visit with its big paved square and the beautiful cherry blossoms that make an impressive appearance every year.

    Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park Access

    13. Go to Cat Rest Stop 299 (Neko no Iru Kyukeijo 299)

    If you were hoping to visit a cat cafe while in Tokyo, look no further! Cat Rest Stop 299, Neko no Iru Kyukeijo 299 in Japanese, is a manga kissa which is a manga cafe where you can relax with books or a private booth with internet and can even stay overnight in some places. This is a special manga kissa with the extra benefit of cats roaming the floor for you to pet and keep on your lap. The environment is relaxing and a nice place to take a break from your busy day. Cat lovers, don’t miss this relaxing place!

    Cat Rest Stop 299 Website *Japanese only
    Cat Rest Stop 299 Access

    14. Go Otaku Shopping at Animate

    For your inner “otaku”, or outer one if you wear that badge with pride, the Animate flagship store is located in Ikebukuro! Animate is a store dedicated to everything anime-related, whether you’re interested in watching anime, reading manga, or picking up merchandise such as badges or figurines as souvenirs of your favorite characters or series. Not only is this a good place to go shopping, but you’ll also be thrown into the anime world with theme songs playing in the store and some of the nation’s favorite anime playing on screens dotted around the many storey building.

    Located just a five-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station, this is one not to miss whether you are an anime fan or not, as it demonstrates Ikebukuro as a close second favorite spot to Akihabara for otaku (or nerd) culture, which is ever gaining popularity.

    Animate Website
    Animate Ikebukuro Branch Access

    15. Visit Tobu Department Store

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    食通信【SaKuRaふぇす】 見るだけでワクワクする、春らしいスイーツやお弁当が盛りだくさんです。 ■3/14(木)~4/3(水) ■B2F・B1F 食品 #池袋東武 #池袋東武SaKuRaふぇす #SaKuRaふぇす #桜スイーツ #スイーツ #弁当 #お菓子 #お花見弁当 #さくら #サクラ #桜 #春 #花見 #お花見 #sakura #sweets #party #lunchbox 🌸 【SaKuRaふぇす Instagram投稿キャンペーン】 お気に入りの「SaKuRaスイーツ」を写真に撮ってハッシュタグ「#池袋東武の桜スイーツ」をつけてInstagramに投稿しよう! 投稿いただいた写真の中から、抽選で10名様に「B2F・B1F 食品フロアお買物券」をプレゼントいたします!(1,000円分) ●応募方法 2019年3月14日(木)~27日(水)の期間中、B2F・B1F 食品フロアでご購入いただいた「桜スイーツ」を写真に撮って 「@tobu_ikebukuro」をフォローしていただいた上で、ハッシュタグ「#池袋東武の桜スイーツ」をつけて投稿してください! ●結果発表 当選の方には3月30日(土)頃に東武百貨店 池袋店 公式インスタグラムよりダイレクトメッセージをお送りいたします。 ●参加上のご注意 ・指定のハッシュタグ「#池袋東武の桜スイーツ」のない写真は参加とされません。 ・店内での撮影はご遠慮ください。 ・本キャンペーンは都合により中断、中止する場合がございます。 ・応募作品は著作権などの権利すべてが投稿者に帰属するものに限ります。 ・投稿者ご本人の責任の下でご応募ください。

    A post shared by 東武百貨店 TOBU IKEBUKURO (@tobu_ikebukuro) on

    Similarly to Seibu, the Tobu Tojo Line also ends at Ikebukuro and has its own department store located within the station. This department store is known for a large choice of fashion items as well as its variety of merchandise. There is also a food hall in the basement of the building with an assortment of scrumptious Japanese and western foods to choose from. The basement of the department store has two sections, one of which houses a number of restaurants as well including a sushi bar and bakery. You’ll be spoiled for choice here!

    With the many upper levels of the store offering everything from assorted lifestyle goods to home decor, Tobu is a department store that has almost everything you could be looking for. If you’re in Ikebukuro for the shopping, definitely give Tobu a try.

    Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Website *Automatic translation available
    Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro Access

    16. Go to See a Live Music Show

    Live Music

    It’s common knowledge that a lot of bands have the aim to become “big in Japan”. There are gigs going on around Tokyo every night, both big and small, Japanese and international. If you’ve got a passion for music then now’s the time to experience a live music show in Tokyo. Your host will personalise your trip depending on your music tastes and what kind of shows are on around your desired time.

    Before going to your show, check out some of the best popular and second hand CD shops then get ready to experience what the Tokyo music scene has to offer. Be sure to make your reservation at least two days in advance.

    Booking details: Music Experience Around Tokyo

    17. Drink in a Penguin Bar

    Most people would think the most obvious place to see penguins would be on a trip to the zoo. However, Tokyo doesn’t like to do things conventionally, which you might have already noticed! You can find a bar in Ikebukuro where you can have a drink alongside two pairs of penguins! This restaurant and bar offers food and drinks, including the “Penguin Course” which can all be enjoyed with a good sight of the spacious pools in which the penguins swim around freely.

    Time in the bar is limited to two hours but includes four dishes and an all-you-can-drink deal. This is a truly unique bar experience and a great way to combine two enjoyable activities in one evening of fun. If you turn up at the right time, you may even be lucky enough to feed the penguins yourself.

    Booking details: See Penguins in a bar at Ikebukuro, Tokyo!

    18. Feast on Grilled Yakiniku Meat


    Yakiniku is a popular dish in Japan that involves cooking up your own meat on a grill at your table. While most restaurants tend to use iron wire mesh, Ikebukuro’s Yakiniku Zen restaurant has found a unique way of cooking meat to get the perfect flavor – by cooking on bamboo.

    The restaurant, just a few minutes by foor from Ikebukuro Station, makes for the perfect evening that won’t leave you stinking like a barbecue afterwards. Fans of meat, yakiniku is an unmissable dish for you on your trip to Japan, so get your table booked and get ready to feast on fresh, delicious, barbecued cuts!

    Booking details: Try Yakiniku grilled on a bamboo at Yakiniku Zen, Tokyo!

    19. Shop ‘Til You Drop at Sunshine City Shopping Mall

    2010.5.18 昨日は #イチカワチクチクカタカタワイワイ市  に出展でした♪ @satomi_kon しろくままさんにお誘い頂き、二人での出展♪ 午前中はたくさんの人でとても賑わっていました(*^_^*) お立ち寄り頂いたお客さまありがとうございました! 前回も購入しました!とか、これを持ってるんですよ!とか教えて下さりとても嬉しかったです♡ほっこりした気持ちで帰ることが出来ました♪ ☆ 次のイベントは↓ 2018/5/25.26 こそだておうえんフェスタ2018 池袋サンシャインシティBホール 10-17時 http://www.kosodateouen-festa.com 入場無料ですが、来場は事前予約制です! お待ちしてます♡ ☆ #イチカワチクチクカタカタワイワイ市 #市川市 #こそだておうえんフェスタ #池袋 #池袋サンシャインシティ #事前予約制 #入場無料 #handmade #baby #kids #mama #hikari #ハンドメイド #ベビー #キッズ #ママ #ママ作家

    handwork by Megumiさん(@hikari_handmade)がシェアした投稿 –

    Sunshine City is a shopping mall that is certain to keep you occupied for hours! Its many floors and variety of shops will have any shopaholic filled with joy. You can eat in a number of the restaurants from casual fast food like Burger King to a very elegant Chinese restaurant. There is also Godiva if you’re feeling spendy and want to get some high class chocolate for someone special. In addition to the food and treats, there is endless fashion, accessories and fun – including a place at the center of the mall on the bottom floor where performances and events often take place! Sunshine City is one of the things that put Ikebukuro on the map, so be sure to give it a visit.

    Sunshine City Website
    Sunshine City Access

    20. Enter the World of Disney at the Alice in Wonderland at a Cafe

    Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is a classic and a world so magical and bizarre that it would be hard to turn down the opportunity to enter it. Japan is home to several Alice-themed cafes where you can sit among the characters and feel that you are in the curious world of Alice in Wonderland.

    Ikebukuro houses the Alice in an Old Castle cafe. In this particular cafe, you will be a guest at the Red Queen’s dinner party. The cafe has a luxurious vibe with heart-shaped chandeliers flow from the ceiling while you are served up themed dishes reminiscent of the cards and many other characters from the Red Queen’s party. If you’re a fan of Disney or Alice in particular, check out the link below for your tickets and guaranteed table!

    Booking details: Reservation for Alice’s Cafes in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya

    21. Discover Sunshine Aquarium

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    Just when you thought there wasn’t enough to do in Sunshine City! The shopping mall is also home to Sunshine Aquarium which can be found at the top of the store building. This is a great place to go no matter who you are traveling with – family, friends, or your partner. Anyone will have a great time here. Although it does have a reputation as a date spot, don’t let that stop you from enjoying its beautiful oasis-inspired atmosphere with your travel buddy or family members.

    Sunshine Aquarium has both an indoor and outdoor area with an amazing array of sea life to see. If you visit in the morning, you can see activities going on with the animals such as feeding the penguins and pelicans and a sea lion show. Unlike a lot of aquariums, you can also see more unusual animals such as otters and reptiles. Ikebukuro’s squarium is not to be missed on a trip to this district.

    Sunshine Aquarium Website
    Sunshine Aquarium Access

    22. Play Games at Round 1 Ikebukuro

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    If you want to have a fun time in Ikebukuro, Round 1 is the perfect place. Round 1 is a recreation center which has bowling, billiards, darts, and all sorts of fun games to play. While this kind of center may be something you can find back home, a trip to Round 1 is a good insight into Japanese culture as you’ll be playing alongside excited youths or work groups which is a good way of feeling like you fit in like a local.

    Not to forget that we’re in Japan, the birthplace of karaoke, there are also karaoke rooms available where you can sing your favourite songs and let out your stress. There is also plenty of food to enjoy while you’re here so I think it’s fair to say the number of activities on offer at Round 1 could keep you occupied all day and night, which makes for the perfect trip. Keep this place in mind if it rains on your day out in Ikebukuro.

    Round 1 Website *Japanese only
    Round 1 Ikebukuro Access

    23. Admire the Sky from Inside at Konica Minolta Planetarium (コニカミノルタプラネタリウム)

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    . 今日は有楽町マリオン9階に出来たばかりのコニカミノルタPLANETARIA TOKYOでプラネタリウムを鑑賞してきました。この寝転がれる銀河シートがやばい!笑 カップル用とシングル用がありますが、数に限りがあります🙇🏻‍♀️久石譲の音楽に乗せた上映🎥で、素敵な空間すぎた!🌌💫有楽町にお出かけの際はぜひ😊✨ . #planetarium #プラネタリウム #insagood #stars #astronomi #astronomy #東京 #planet #camping #星空 #天空 #フォトジェニック #sky #space #vacation #cosmic #有楽町 #久石譲 #有楽町プラネタリウム #プラネタリアtokyo #コニカミノルタプラネタリウム #コニカミノルタプラネタリアtokyo #コニカミノルタプラネタリウム満天 #コニカミノルタプラネタリウム天空

    Megs*シエロの姉さん(@megzue_aotearoa)がシェアした投稿 –

    This is another great find in the Sunshine City complex! If you think about it, it’s great to be able to do so many enjoyable things in one spot. The planetarium is a popular date spot where couples visit to appreciate the romantic allure of the night sky. The planetarium offers a calming atmosphere with music and amazing visuals when you look up to the sky. You can even buy a CD of the music you heard at the end of the 40-minute show.

    This is a great activity for kids who like to enjoy the change of scenery and the moving skys above. If you’re looking to escape the noise and enjoy something beautiful, make sure to stop by.

    Konica Minolta Website *Japanese only
    Konica Minolta Access

    24. Eat at the Themed Restaurant, Kamen Rider the Diner

    Here’s something for Kamen Rider fans, or travelers who simply want to see a bit of the “weird” side of Japan! This restaurant is themed like the famous television program and manga about a hero called Kamen Rider. In addition to themed food, you can also pay admission to the “Kamen Rider Theme Park” when you enter this restaurant, so there is entertainment as well. If you’re a fan of the show or you just want to check out something unusual, consider making a stop here.

    Kamen Rider the Diner Website *Japanese only
    Kamen Rider the Diner Access

    25. Visit Namja Town

    The final Sunshine destination on this list, Namja Town is a world of its own within the vast Sunshine complex. Namja Town is an indoor theme park with a haunted house, games and themed food. A lot of the rides are mainly aimed at children so don’t expect anything too big or thrilling in terms of attractions. However, this is still a fun day out and the food areas including the Gyoza Stadium, which is a paradise for gyoza (dumpling) lovers, and the dessert area are unmissable for foodies.

    Also, keep an eye out for Namja Town mascots who can get good snaps of while wandering the area.

    Namja Town Website
    Namja Town Access

    26. Get Spiritual at Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple

    This is not exactly in the midst of Ikebukuro’s fast-paced environment, but you may be glad of the quiet change. If you want to take a break from the busy streets as well as experience something more traditional, the old temples in the Zoshigaya area are worth the trip. Nestled in a residential area, the Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple honors the goddess of safe childbirth and child rearing. Nearby you will also be able to visit the Zoshigaya cemetery, the Buddhist temple Gokokuji and a theme park in Sunshine City.

    Starting at 1:00 pm, this is a nice relaxed and spiritual tour lasting 4.5 hours that will all be finished off with a bang on a trip to Namja Town where you can explore the food stalls while enjoying the attractions.

    Booking details: Walk through the Zoushigaya area to Ikebukuro Sunshine City

    27. Visit the Evangelion Real Store

    Evangelion fans, rejoice! There is a place in Ikebukuro dedicated to the popular anime series Evangelion. Housed in P’Parco (not to be confused with PARCO), you can find plenty of glorious goods to take home with you, including some items exclusive to Ikebukuro. The store offers everything from clothing, souvenirs, limited edition items and even Evangelion themed cakes.

    The store is just a one-minute walk from the East exit of Ikebukuro Station so there’s no excuse not to pop in on your day out in Ikebukuro.

    Evangelion Real Store Website
    Evangelion Real Store Access

    28. Learn About Asian Culture at the Ancient Orient Museum

    This small yet fascinating museum is located in the Bunka Kaikan, which translates as the “Culture Building”. It is open from 10 am to 5 pm and is home to a small collection of items from Central Asia. It has an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Asian culture which combine to make some unique pieces. For 600 yen, it should be an interesting and affordable spot for history lovers. Guides are available in English, Korean and Chinese.

    You can also find lectures, workshops and events taking place at the Ancient Orient Museum so be sure to check the schedule to attend one of these informative events.

    Ancient Orient Museum Website
    Ancient Orient Museum Access

    29. Walk Around Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan

    This building, whose name means “building of tomorrow”, was designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1920s. Arata Endo, who worked for him, introduced Wright to the school’s founders. The Myonichikan is part of the girls’ school Jiyu Gakuen which was attended by Yoko Ono and, ever since its renovation was completed in 2001, the building has been open to the public. This is a fascinating trip for those interested in architecture and you can appreciate the clever use of space and lighting inside.

    There is a small fee of 400 yen to enter the building or you can receive tea and coffee for an extra 200 yen.

    Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan Website
    Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan Access

    30. Experience a Fake Earthquake

    View this post on Instagram

    Earthquake Simulation 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Good job Children, Teachers & Staffs! 🤗👏🏻👍🏻 All of you remember to do the following safety tips nicely: 1. Drop, cover & hold on 2. Stay indoor until the shaking stops 3. Go down the stairs quitely 4. Go to the grassfield . . #earthquakesimulation #learningaboutevacuation #safetytips #goodjoball #amazingkids #passionateeducationists #learningisfun #learningthroughplay #like4like #superlike #followus #preschoolintangerang #preschoolinalamsutera #thebestpreschool #internationalpreschool #singaporeandmalaysiacurriculum #cambridge #sunsmilekidsalsut #sunsmilekidsalamsutera

    Sunsmile Kids Alam Suteraさん(@sunsmilekids_alamsutera)がシェアした投稿 –

    The positioning of the tectonic plates on which Tokyo lies makes it a common spot for earthquakes to hit. Not to worry – The Japanese are prepared and all the buildings are designed specifically to withstand earthquakes, whether they’re big or small. While you may experience a couple of small tremors during your time in Japan, have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience a big earthquake?

    At the Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center you can now live through a simulated earthquake and learn the safety procedures that all Japanese people learn in case it takes place. In this experience, as well as feeling the simulated earthquake, you’ll learn about the history of Japan’s earthquakes, how firefighters are trained to deal with them and hear a story of one Japanese man’s experience of the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011.

    Booking details: Experience an Earthquake Survival Study Tour in Tokyo

    31. Pet the Ikefukuro Owl

    A post shared by blueblack (@inkstick77) on

    Before you get on the train and return to where you’re staying, be sure to look for Ikefukuro, the famous owl statue in Ikebukuro station. This big statue is a famous meeting spot for people inside of the East exit. The name is a play on words as “fukuro” means owl in Japanese. Snap a picture with him if you can get past the groups of people standing nearby!

    32. Explore Maiden Road

    “Otome”, meaning “maiden” in Japanese, was a nickname given to a street in Ikebukuro by Puff Magazine in 2004. The street features a number of shops selling anime and manga merchandise that are all located in a 200 meter space. This merchandise is specifically aimed at women. This cool street is considered the “female” version of Akihabara and is worth a visit if you’re looking for a good souvenir or something for yourself.


    33. Get Treated by a Butler

    Ever wanted to be served by a handsome Japanese butler? At Swallowtail, you’ll be escorted to your seat and treated like royalty by a handsome butler! Upon your arrival, the butler will cater to your every need and make sure you are well treated and taken care of. Food and drinks are available including darling little cakes and pastries. Visit Swallowtail for an experience unlike anything you’ve had before! Reservations are necessary and photographs are strictly prohibited.

    Swallowtail Tabelog

    34. Eat Bakudan-yaki

    You may have heard of tako-yaki, the famous octopus balls snack from Osaka. Bakudan-yaki, meaning “fried bomb” is a giant version of takoyaki with extra ingredients such as sausages, clam, and corn, and you can get it in Ikebukuro! This tasty street food can be bought at a store of the same name! If your stomach is rumbling and you’re in the mood for somethng hot, fried, and new, head to this yummy store.

    Bakudan-yaki website

    35. See a Play at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

    If you’d like to see a live performance, Ikebukuro is the right place to be. With operas, dance shows, and live music, the Tokyo Metropolitan theatre shows a variety of performances. Check their website and see what’s on during your time there!

    Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre website

    36. Grab a Treat at Gorilla Coffee

    Gorilla Coffee in Ikebukuro sells delicious coffee, frozen drinks, appetising sandwiches and juicy cakes. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some afternoon tea or treat yourself to a tasty dessert.

    Gorilla Coffee Tabelog page

    37. Have a Beer at PUMP Craft Beer Bar

    皆さまおはこんばんちわ〜。 良い天気の土曜日! 気持ちが良いですね♪ モンチくんです。 北欧ヘイジー特集初日の昨日。 特にイベントとして行うつもりもなく、 しっぽり開催する予定でしたが、 平日にも関わらずたくさんのご来店ありがとうございます! インポーターの坂本さんも駆け付けて頂き、 例のごとく盛り上げていただきありがとうございました! (また、安定の写真を撮り忘れ…) いわゆるニゴニゴ、ヘイジーなニューイングランドスタイルのビールはまだまだ残っております♪ さぁ、誰が打ち抜いてくれるかな?? 飲み逃しの無きようお願い致します◎ それでは、駆け足でお送りしました。 本日14タップでの営業です。 皆さまのご来店お待ちしております! ★2017年12月2日(土)のラインナップ ・アップルホップ-伊那谷つがる- / 南信州ビール(長野) ・横浜ラガー / 横浜ビール(神奈川) ・白 / コエドブルワリー(埼玉) ・ペールエール / 伊勢角屋麦酒(三重) ・ バレルセレクト-ゴールド/ キャプテンローレンス(ニューヨーク) ・ホップヘッドレッド / グリーンフラッシュ(カリフォルニア) ・IPAアメリカンスタイル / 湘南ビール(神奈川) ・ラッキージャック / ラーヴィグ(ノルウェー) ・ジッパー / ラーヴィグ(ノルウェー) ・テイスティジュース / ラーヴィグ(ノルウェー) ・スーパーソニック / ラーヴィグ(ノルウェー) ・ビペディバペディボペディ / シューフィエル(ノルウェー) ・モカ・マーリン / ファイアーストーンウォーカー(カリフォルニア) ・ハートランド / キリンビール(日本) ー Tap List ー ・Applehop -Inadanitsugaru- / Minamishinshu Beer(Nagano) ・Pilsner / Beerhearun(Shimane) ・Shiro / Coedo Brewery(Saitama) ・Pale Ale / Isekadoya Beer(Mie) ・Barrel Select-Gold / Captain Lawrence(NY) ・Hop Head Red / Green Flash(California) ・IPA American Style / Shonan Beer(Kanagawa) ・Lucky Jack / Lervig(Norway) ・Zipper / Lervig(Norway) ・Tasty Juice / Lervig(Norway) ・Supersonic / Lervig(Norway) ・Bipedi Bapedi Bopedi / 7 Fjell(Norway) ・Mocha Marlin / Firestone Walker(California) ・Heartland / Kirin Beer(Japan) #beer #craftbeer #beerpub #池袋 #クラフトビール

    A post shared by PUMPcraftbeerbar (@pumpcraftbeerbar) on

    Fancy a beer rather than coffee? PUMP Craft Beer Bar is a great place to beto try different kinds of craft beer as well as delicious side dishes such as sausages, stew, dumplings, and more. This hip and friendly bar is a great place to go as a group of friends to meet cool new people and enjoy a glass or two of beer.

    PUMP Craft Beer Bar Tabelog page

    38. Check Out Traditional Sweets at Ikebukuro Miharado

    “Wagashi” are traditional Japanese sweets that can be enjoyed by themselves or with green tea. Ikebukuro Miharado sells some adorably shaped wagashi, including cute seasonal styles, that would make the perfect souvenir for a friend with a sweet tooth. A lot of wagashi sweets contain rice and sweet red bean paste, so they’re often quite different from what you might find back home. Visit this cute shop and discover something new.

    Ikebukuro Miharado Tabelog page

    39. Sing Karaoke

    Perfect for an evening out or a rainy day is the popular Japanese passtime that you should definitely try! You can rent a private room for just you and your friends and sing all your favourite songs in Japanese, English, and Chinese. Languages are sometimes available at certain establishments. Popular karaoke buildings in Ikebukuro include Big Echo and Cote D’Azur.

    40. Discover the Lesser-Known Sanji Shrine

    This is a cute little shrine that is located nex to a car park and is less known than some of the other shrines and temples in the area. You can find some peaceful respite from the bustling city area among the old constructions here.


    41. Stroll Down Yahatagawa South Greenway

    This little area is not quite a park nor a street, but somewhere in between. This peaceful place is great to stroll down to take a break from the metropolitan area. It is particularly pretty in spring when the leaves are at their most vibrant.

    Yahatagawa South Greenway website

    42. Pick up Luxury Cosmetics

    Jill Stuart is an internationally known brand selling high quality cosmetics. Tokyo is a city of fashion, and makeup and beauty products are extremely popular here! Shop here for great gifts or a treat for yourself.

    Jill Stuart website

    43. Get Electronics at BIC Camera

    Ikebukuro’s BIC Camera sells electronics from video games and computer parts to household items and beauty products! It’s the perfect place to browse the latest releases on Japanese brands or grab some souvenirs for gadget lovers.

    BIC Camera website

    44. Check Out Anime-Inspired Art at Yaoki Gallery

    Most art galleries portray traditional art such as calligraphy or pottery, but this small gallery in Ikebukuro offers something a little different. Pop culture and anime inspires the works at Yaoki Gallery, so if you consider yourself a fan of anime and other “otaku” cultures, don’t miss this place from your itinerary.


    45. Discover Deals at Don Quijote

    Don Quijote is an enormous store selling discounted goods from clothes and cosmetics to food and costumes. It is something of a mecca maze for shoppers and you can get some fantastic and sometimes quite bzarre items there. The largest Don Qujote in Tokyo is Mega Don Quijote in Shibuya, but the Ikebukuro branch is also of respectable size.

    Don Quijote website

    46. Check Out Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine

    This quiet area is beautifully charming, with a traditional shrine from the 1500s and coloured strips of material hanging from the torii gates. It is one of the most popular shrines in Ikebukuro and well worth a visit for those enthusiastic about Japanese architecture and history.

    Ikebukuro Mitake Shrine website

    47. Catch a Movie

    Ikebukuro is a great place in Tokyo to see a movie. Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro is centrally located and shows both Japanese and international movies (with Japanese subtitles). There is also Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas and Cine Libre Ikebukuro. All of these are close to the train station.

    48. Go Shopping at 0101 Ikebukuro Marui

    View this post on Instagram


    A post shared by ALVIN🍚 (@alvin.h3s) on

    Ikebukuro is a great place to go shopping. 0101 Ikebukuro Marui has shops selling fashion, sportswear, cosmetics, gourmet food, and family items.

    0101 Ikebukuro Marui *Automatic translation available

    49. Slurp Some Delicious Ramen Noodles


    麺処 花田@池袋 辛味噌らーめん しゃちょーオススメ度:★★★★★★★★☆☆ 穴場の夕方時間を狙って並ばず来訪❕味噌選ぶ時はいつも鬼金棒行くか🌀辛味噌はあまり辛くないので、一味をトコトン追加して食べるのをオススメします😁 麺(ふとさ):太麺 麺(かたさ):ふつう スープ:こってり豚骨 ナイストッピング:野菜増し #らーめん #ラーメン #麺 #ラーメン部 #ラーメンインスタグラマー #らーめん大好き #醤油ラーメン #ラーメン社長 #らーめん倶楽部 #ラーメン女子 #つけ麺 #油そば #まぜそば #タンメン #塩ラーメン #担々麺 #とんこつラーメン #味噌ラーメン #中華そば #支那そば #麺スタグラム #麺スタグラマー #ramen #ramennoodles #ramen_shacho #menstagram #池袋ラーメン #麺処花田 #池袋

    Minoさん(@ramen_shacho)がシェアした投稿 –

    Ramen is a classic dish that is highly popular in Tokyo and beyond. Ikebukuro is an excellent place to get your hands on some seriously good noodles. A highly recommended Ikebukuro ramen shop includes Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro, which serves classic ramen dishes with thick pieces of pork, boiled egg, bamboo shoots, and vegetables for a filling and satisfying meal.

    Mendokoro Hanada Ikebukuro website

    50. Check Out Second-Hand Goods

    LASHINBANG, a second-hand store in Ikebukuro, is known for having rare collectibles mostly to do with anime. You can also find “dojinshi,” which are expansions, usually self-published by the author, on certain current manga comics or anime. If you are a fan of a certain anime or want to browse rare finds, give this shop a visit.

    LASHINBANG website

    51. Treat Yourself at Milky Way Cafe

    Milky Way Cafe offers gorgeous parfaits and desserts and is a great place to visit with kids as well as with friends! There are also savoury meals served here so it is a great place to visit for lunch or an afternoon boost. This exciting cafe is popular and loved for its bright atmosphere and colourful dishes.

    Milky Way Cafe Tabelog page

    52. Check Out the Beautiful Campus of Rikkyo University

    Rikkyo University campus is loved for its lovely architecture and is recommended for a stroll if you are near Ikebukuro Station with some time on your hands. The university was made from a chapel and moved to Ikebukuro in 1918.

    Rikkyo University website

    53. Get Some Bargains at the 100-Yen Store

    100-yen shops stock a lot of different items from stationery to kitchen utensils to beauty products to food items. They are great places to get great bargains and the quality is decent too! 100 yen stores can be found all over Japan Ikebukuro included. Surprise yourself at Can*Do Nishi-Ikebukuro.

    Can*Do website

    54. Rent a Kimono

    The kimono, as well as its summer alternative, the yukata, is a traditional Japanese garment that is nowadays commonly worn at festivals, university graduations, and other special events. At AKI Kimono Rental, you can rent one of these special garments for men and women for the day to wear around Tokyo. The staff members will help you wear the kimono and there is also an option for a photo shoot.

    Aki Kimono website

    55. Have Delicious Guilt-Free Pizza at [A]Pizza

    The pizza at this cosy restaurant is yummy and affordable and comes with a variety of toppings. The side-salad is also delicious and an interesting choice of hot and cold drinks complete your meal.

    [A]Pizza Tabelog

    56. Check Out Arty Books and Other Goods at Popotame

    This cosy and artsy shop has a selection of art books and other things such as clothes that you can browse. You can also check out the gallery space whose art exhibition changes every two weeks.

    Popotame website *Japanese only

    57. Hang Out at the Floating Garden of Food and Greenery

    This is a nice place to hang out in the warmer months. It is a food court on the rooftop of Seibu Ikebukuro featuring a pond and many kinds of plants and flowers. Here you will find restaurants and food carts boasting unique menus. Conside coming here for dinner to relax and dine after a day of shopping and sightseeing in Ikebukuro.

    Floating Garden of Food and Greenery website *Japanese only

    58. Try High-Quality Dorayaki

    Dorayaki is a traditional Japanese dessert that you can get in many places. The Japanese version resembles a small sponge cake with sweet red bean paste in the middle. The dorayaki in Ikebukuro’s shop DOU, which opened in 2017, offers high-quality and delicious dorayaki with fresh ingredients from Hokkaido. Stop by and give this tasty treat a try.

    DOU Tabelog page

    59. Go to GEO

    GEO is a great second hand store selling games, DVDs, and toys at discount prices. If you’re looking to buy video games, it’s a good idea to check this store first for the lowest prices. This branch is just north of Ikebukuro Station.

    GEO website *Japanese only

    60. Game and Win Figurines at Taito Station

    Taito Station is an exciting arcade where you can try your luck at winning figurines or toys, play games, and test your skills at taiko drumming. It’s an incredibly fun way to spend a cold or rainy afternoon and you might walk away with a souvenir of your favourite anime or video game!

    Taito website

    61. Attend a Festival

    Though mostly known for dining and shopping, Ikebukuro has festivals throughout the year which you can enjoy, including the Fukuro Matsuri in September and the Okinawa Mensore Festival in June. See what’s on during your visit and don’t miss the festivities!

    62. Get Some Coffee and Special Pão de Queijo

    Pão de queijo are special cheese buns and Pon-de Coffee in Ikebukuro offers many differents kinds of flavours of these delicious little snacks! Get as few or as many as you’d like in flavours such as the traditional cheese, green tea, meat sauce, honey ginger, and much more. There are over 100 flavours of pão de queijo at Pon-de Coffee so you’re sure to find something here you’ll enjoy! The cofee served here is also fresh and of high quality.

    Pon-de Coffee Tabelog page

    63. Soak in the Dinosaur Decor with Craft Beer

    This cool bar is a great place to try some craft beer and relax in a dinosaur-themed interior! Ideal for fans of Jurassic Park and those who’d like to try some beer after a day of sightseeing!

    Beer Saurus Tabelog

    64. Shop at Lumine

    One of the favourite shopping malls of Ikebukuro is Lumine. The Lumine shopping centers are useful because they are usually located close to train stations and are open until late, meaning it is easy for you to fit a shopping trip into your itinerary. Lumine in Ikebukuro has cafes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and more to satisfy your retail needs.

    Lumine website

    65. Pick Up Kit Kats at the Chocolatory

    Though Kit Kats originally came from England, these chocolate bars have grown incredibly popular in Japan and a huge variety of unique and interesting flavours have cropped up over the years, ranging from cheesecake and cherry blossom to green tea and sake. The Kit Kat Chocolatory is a great place in Ikebukuro where you can grab unusual flavours and even learn a little about the history of Kit Kats in Japan.

    Kit Kat Chocolatory website

    66. Visit a Maid Cafe

    Akihabara is the most well known place in Tokyo to go to a maid cafe, but Ikebukuro is another great place to see these unusual places. Cure Maid Cafe, Maidreamin, and Wonder Parlour Cafe are all great cosplay cafes in which you can eat, drink, and chat with the friendly staff. Enjoy the unique experience of “maid cafes” during your trip to Tokyo.

    67. Browse Jewellery at Pandora

    Pandora is near Ikebukuro Station and features necklaces, bracelets that are custom made, rings, and other jewellery that make lovely gifts.

    Pandora website *Japanese only

    68. Marvel at the Beauty of Mejiro Teien

    Less than fifteen minutes on foot from Ikebukuro Station is the gorgeous Mejiro Teien, a Japanese garden with a pond, trees, and immaculate surroundings to take a breather from the city atmosphere. This place is perfect in spring to celebrate the blooming of new flowers and take in the tranquility of this immaculately displayed garden.

    Mejiro Teien website

    69. Have a Spectacular Sweets Buffet

    If you’re craving sweets, check out Sweets Paradise in Ikebukuro! You can try different kinds of cakes and drinks as well as savoury food here. This super cute restaurant has everything you need to satisfy your sugar cravings!

    Sweets Paradise Tabelog

    70. Edogawa Rampo Residence

    Edogawa Rampo played an enormous role in the development of mystery fiction in Japan. He lived in this residence in Ikebukuro for thirty years. though the building now belongs to Rikkyo University, it has been carefuly preserved and you are welcome to take a short tour of the residence. This place is fascinating even if you are not familiar with Edogawa’s works.

    Edogawa Rampo Residence website

    71. See Lesser-Known Temples

    As well as the usual famous temples such as Senso-ji in Asakusa, there are hundreds of lesser-known temples dotted around Tokyo and beyond. Near Rikkyo University are three small and relatively unknown yet very beautiful temples that Japanese architecture and history enthusiasts should definitely check out. Take a break from eating and shopping and take a stroll around Shoun-ji Temple, Kounin Temple, and Toun-ji Temple.

    72. See a Concert at Live Inn Rosa

    Live in Rosa is a bar that holds live concerts on a regular basis. The bar specialises in J-pop, so this is especially great for those who love Japanese pop music! Check this place out if you plan on spending the evening in Ikebukuro and want to see some live local acts.

    Live Inn Rosa website *Japanese only

    73. Shop for Fashion Accessories

    Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice is located in 0101 Ikebukuro Marui and has a great selection of cute and stylish fashion accessores such as wallets, handbags, and more that make great gifts or are good additions to your outfits.

    Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice website *Japanese website

    74. Chow Down on Hawaiian Food

    Ikebukuro’s Big Island Cafe is the place to be if you’re craving Hawaiian food! Here you’ll find classic dishes from the islands such as loco moco, dishes with a Japanese twist, and desserts, as well as a great selection of drinks.

    Big Island Cafe Tabelog page

    75. Have a Cosplay Photo Shoot

    Haco Stadium’s Cosset Studio in Ikebukuro offers 33 booths ranging from traditional to futuristic settings for the perfect location for cosplay photo shoots! If you can’t speak Japanese, be sure to take someone with you who does, as the staff cannot speak English. Take your cosplay outfit with you (arrive in normal clothing) and have a fantastic photo shoot for the perfect pictures of you a your favourite character.

    Cosset Studio website *Japanese only

    Take Your Trip Farther than Ikebukuro

    There are also plenty of things to do that will not only take you to Ikebukuro, but farther afield as well. Check out these two tours below.

    76. Discover the West of Tokyo in One Day

    View of a bustling Tokyo from above

    If you want to discover a part of Tokyo that the locals can’t get enough of, take a tour of the west including the fun streets of Ikebukuro, the Korean food of Shin-Okubo, the amazing architecture and views of Shinjuku, the impressive Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park and finish off with the neon lights of Shibuya.

    A trip around these popular areas will guarantee you a full day of fun through some of Tokyo’s most enjoyable areas giving you a chance to see the youth culture, do some shopping, take fantastic photos and work out the public transport with a good helping hand from your guide.

    Booking details: Discover the essentials of Tokyo’s western side, 1-day tour

    77. Customize Your Own Tour of Tokyo

    Tokyo Ikebukuro

    If you already have an idea of specific places you want to see in Tokyo or the kinds of things you would like to find, customizing your own tour is one of the best ways around town. If you’d like to start at Ikebukuro, your guide can help you to create an itinerary giving you the chance to see the best of what Ikebukuro has to offer followed by a trip to other surrounding areas.

    There are some suggested itineraries that promise a good tour of some of the interesting and popular spots around Tokyo, which include a number of recommended activities. This gives you the opportunity to add some of your own desired destinations on to give you a tour perfectly tailored to you.

    Booking details: Customize and Enjoy a Private Half-day Tour in Tokyo!

    Did you find what you were looking for?

    Ikebukuro is quite a diverse place, offering plenty to do and see. If you choose to stay in Ikebukuro, you will find a handy shuttle service from Haneda Airport which will take you to Ikebukuro. Hopefully something on this list will inspire you to visit this exciting area!

    For more things to do in other areas, check this list out!
    Would you like to stay in Ikebukuro? Check out all the hotels in the area here!

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