Origami as Issey Miyake’s Ever–Lasting Inspiration

  • Origami is the traditional Japanese paper folding craft, which has been practiced ever since the Edo period. Who would have thought that one simple white paper can be transformed into a whole new character. This paper folding trend has become a widespread culture all over the globe, and not only in Asia, but in Europe and Americas as well.


    I also enrolled in the origami club when I was in high school. It seemed to be a bit confusing in the beginning; somehow I managed to get used to the idea of this beautiful culture, and followed the instructors with every step. Nowadays, Origami is not just a paper, it is a complicated beautiful structure that has inspired a lot of designers to design the collections with the patterns based on those of the Origami.

    Issey Miyake


    One of my favorite fashion designers is Issey Miyake, his works always make people ‘wow’.
    Issey Miyakes is a famous Japanese fashion designer who was born in 1938 in Hiroshima, Japan. For 6 years after his graduation from a Japanese university, Issey worked in Paris and New York City. He founded his fashion studion in the 70’s and gained recognition in late 80’s. Nowadays, the piece which made this talented Japanese designer known in the whole world seems to be his famous “Origami bag”.

    Prism Pattern bag (Origami Bag)


    The gimmick of the design is the main strength of this masterpiece. The entire bag is made of triangle pieces which allow the bag can be folded into different shpaed. However, it is not just the bag which Miyake created that was created but traditional Japanese craft.

    Foldable Dress


    The Origami dresses are not only one of the first Origami designed pieces in the fashion industry, but the unique technique behinds these futuristic pieces shows how talented Mr. Miyake is! Instead of following the trends of the industry, Miyake has decided to follow his dream with the background of his own culture and create trends instead. Of course, the dresses are needed to be folded in order to change shape.

    If you ask me, these pieces are quite amazing. Sometimes, I wish I could get into his mind because I’d really like to know the thinking process that was going on as he designing this Origami inspired clothes.

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