26 Things to Do in Atami: Sun, Surf, and Fun Times!

  • Atami, or literally “hot ocean,” is an area popular for its many onsen resorts with fantastic views. It is located on the far eastern size of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka, a city made up of partially submerged volcanic formations on the edge of Sagami Bay.

    In fact, you may have heard of how Izu is a romantic place for couples to enjoy the amazing sunsets and refreshing beaches. However, the name of Atami is probably not as well-known so we will introduce to you must dos that you can’t and shouldn’t leave out of your itinerary!

    1. Akao Rose and Herb Garden


    With 12 different gardens, 100,000 herb plants, and 5,000 rose bushes your eyes will never be able to stop being mesmerized by the gorgeous Akao Rose and Herb Garden.



    The Japanese style garden even boasts Japan’s biggest bonsai as a neat attraction. Plus, if you really want a picturesque view while sipping slowly on your tea, there is even a teahouse in the middle of all the foliage.


    2. Hotel Toujikan Soyokaze



    This hotel offers some packages that also include treatments and access to the spas. There are not only your expected ordinary baths, but also a bedrock bath, or “stone sauna.” What a great way to relax from all the sightseeing!

    Hotel Toujikan Soyokaze

    3. Atami Castle


    This castle may have one of the best ocean views you’ve ever seen due to the excellent observation deck at the very top. There is even a museum inside with temporary exhibitions, and you can count on the view changing every season. This means whichever time you choose to visit will allow you a superb view in any case!

    Atami Castle*Japanese Only

    4. Atami Ropeway


    You can pay 300yen to travel from the street on the waterfront all the way to the top of Hachimanyama, where you can get a million dollar view of the Atami seascape and countryside. You can also gain easy access to the Adult Museum Atami Hihokan mentioned below.

    Atami Ropeway

    5. Adult Museum Atami Hihokan


    Thought Atami was only about nature and onsens? You can actually find an Adult Museum cleverly hidden amidst all the beautiful scenery. As with any other sex-related museum in Japan it is restricted to those over 18. Interestingly the museum also uses some pretty high tech ways of presenting the subject (think holograms) so you might find yourself more amused than uncomfortable. A little pricey but well worth it.


    6. Omiya and Kan-ichi Statue


    At the Northern end of Atami’s Sun Beach, you can find a funny statue of the boy Kan-ichi kicking Omiya the girl, who had cheated on him with the lavishing of a diamond from a banker’s son. This story was written by Koyo Ozaki, one of Japan’s greatest writers during the Meiji era. Nearby is Omiya’s Pine, where the above scene had reportedly taken place.


    7. Shogyo Restaurant



    Enjoy the freshest fish while looking over Ajiro Bay. It’s the perfect dining experience to have when you come to Atami!

    Shogyo Atami

    8. Atami Trick Art Museum


    If you haven’t gone to a Trick Art Museum yet, you better make sure you go to this one! You will enjoy it especially if you like optical illusions.

    The Museum is actually available as part of a package with Atami Castle, so you can appreciate both traditional and modern aspects of Atami!

    Atami Trick Art Museum

    9. Atami Plum Garden


    Every year you can bet on this spot being full of people wanting to enjoy the beautiful plum season.

    There is even a grand plum festival which will allow you to take in all the sights Atami has to offer which takes place once a year.

    Atami Plum Garden

    10. Marine Spa Atami


    A spa for people of all ages and flowing with the abundant hot spring of Atami, there is a pool, water slider, sauna, health spa, and public bath. The best part is the view of Atami Bay from the Spa.

    Marine Spa Atami*Japanese Only

    11. MOA Museum



    Love art as much as you love the majestic nature views in Atami? Well, you can appreciate both interests at Museum of Art in Atami as the building overlooks the ocean. Have a relaxing time while engaging in art appreciation.

    MOA Museum

    12. Atami Korakoen Amusement Park Apio


    This is an amusement park that is perfect for those who are too young to try out larger, more confusing theme parks in Japan. Since Apio is also near Korakuen Hotel, it would be the perfect place to bring your kids or young friends to spend the day!

    Atami Korakuen

    13. Atami Sun Beach


    Amazing scenery, a nice seabreeze, fresh seafood, what more can you ask for? Atami’s Sun Beach is where you can experience it all!


    14. Jukkokutoge Cable Car


    The name which literally refers to “Ten Countries,” is well suited due to the fact that you can look over the ten old provinces of Japan from the summit as you go up on the cable car. For those who like hiking there is also a handy trail.


    15. Himenosawa Park


    Located about 700m about sea level, Himenosawa Park is home to an artificial waterfall, a pond, stream, lawn, several gardens, and even a ceramics center.


    16. Atami Geigi Kenban


    Relive the nostalgic Showa era as you watch performances by the actors and actresses dancing traditional odori and presenting stories with their art. This can be the right place if you need some relief from the city. The performances begin from 11am on weekdays and you can even take photos with the actors after it’s over!


    17. Yushima Shooting Center


    Built in 1953, you can sense a rare nostalgic atmosphere at this shooting center. If you manage to get the maximum 500 points, you can get an earthenware shoes tongue holder!


    18. Creative workshop Atelier Laut


    Especially popular among couples, this is the place where you can create your own silver jewelry as well as stained glass and sandblast art. Make a one of a kind piece to take home as a souvenir!

    Atelier Laut

    19. Nishikigaura

    The blue sky and white waves you can see from here will allow you that relaxing feeling and maybe inspire you to work on your summer tan.

    Izu Peninsula Geopark

    20. Atami Waterfront Fireworks Festival


    This fireworks festival is the most dynamic one that takes over Atami Bay, and you should get ready to be amazed! Of course the fireworks glittering over the sea is already amazing, but you have also got to watch out for the big “Niagara” finale, which stretches over 1 kilometer and leaves you breathless. The festival is held in summer, autumn, and winter!

    Atami Waterfront Fireworks Festival *Japanese Only

    21. Uogokorokitokito restaurant


    If you like sashimi as fresh as if it had been cut and prepared right in front of you, this restaurant is the place for you! It has quite a good reputation as one of Atami’s best places for sashimi.


    22. Seaside Cafe Rice Ball


    It’s a cute American style diner with pop motifs and decor, plus you can bring your pet along for the excellent food and ocean view!

    Seaside Cafe Rice Ball

    23. Kinomiya Shrine


    Kinomiya Shrine boasts 2,000 year old camphor trees, which has inherently made the Shinto Shrine a popular power spot.

    Kinomiya Shrine*Japanese Only

    24. Ajiro Onsen

    An outdoor bath that uses water directly from the hot spring, you can get the maximum sense of relaxation and feeling of serenity once you enter this bath that overlooks the ocean. What a sight indeed!

    Ajiro Onsen

    25. Ajiro Harbour


    The sight of small white boats lined up against the blue sky and sea, along with a cool seabreeze- it’s enough to make you feel pleasant and fulfilled on your visit to Ajiro Harbor! You can even fish in some places!


    26. Koshiro Toda Ehon Museum


    Not just for kids, this picture book museum is very whimsical and cute! There is an exhibition of cutely drawn pictures, and a garden with unexpected characters and objects, much like a scene from a children’s book!


    Everything in the museum was carefully designed, even the cafe menu! You can even get to enjoy a gorgeous view of the ocean from the cafe window!

    Koshiro Toda Ehon Museum

    Atami is more than just hot springs…

    When you next come to Izu or Atami, of course your first stop will be the onsen. However, don’t stop there! There is so much to see, whether it be the sand and surf, an art museum, or even a place to watch the traditional geisha dance! Come and delight in the amazing views and things to do!

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