3 Reasons to Plan a Winter Holiday in Niseko

  • Niseko in Hokkaido is one of the most popular ski resorts in Japan. Every year many travelers from all over the world come to Niseko to enjoy their winter holiday. Why is Niseko so popular as a ski resort? What is so special about this area? Let me give you 3 reasons!

    1. The Quality of the Snow


    Niseko is especially famous for the quality of its snow. You can enjoy light, powdery snow that has an only 7-8% water contents. In fact, Niseko is the village that is second on the list of places where it snows the most. Not only skiers come to Niseko to enjoy this high-quality snow, snowboarders also love the way they can enjoy their sport here, as it is best to go snowboarding on new powder snow. Not for nothing is Niseko called the ‘powder capital of the world’!

    2. The Great Variety in Trails


    Niseko has 4 ski resorts on the mountain, and of course, it is impossible to go to all 4 of them in a short time. But also, if you stay at 1 resort for your whole stay, there are plenty of trails to try out! The longest trail is around 5600m from top to bottom. While you are gliding your way down, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Hokkaido surrounding the pistes. There are courses for beginners as well as for experienced skiers and boarders looking for a challenge, so there is no need to worry even if it is your first time doing winter sports. There is a great variety in courses, you can even choose between courses with powder snow and courses with harder snow. You can enjoy both, so you won’t get bored easily!

    3. Hot Springs


    An especially great feature of skiing in some places in Japan is the presence of onsen, Japan’s natural hot springs. Niseko is also famous for having hot springs. After you enjoy a long day of skiing, your body may feel like it’s almost frozen. Then it is very soothing to soak your tired body in a nice warm onsen to get rid of the chilly feeling and get nice and relaxed. It can also be good for your muscles, so they don’t get so sore the next day. Thanks to the hot springs, you can keep skiing for days in a row.


    But wait, there is more! There is also delicious food made from local ingredients to try. And during the winter season, Niseko organises a lot of events such as several Christmas events (have you ever been pulled on a sled by a reindeer?), New year’s events (with fireworks), and more. If you are visiting during the holiday season, it is great to be able to celebrate your favorite holidays with the Japanese during your stay here!

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