Taste Some of Japan’s Freshest Food in Niseko, Hokkaido!

  • Located up in the mountains, about a hundred kilometers southwest of Sapporo is a snow covered wonderland named Niseko. Many people come here especially during the winter season to do things like skiing and snowboarding, as it snows about 15 to 16 meters a year (which is a lot!). But aside from enjoying the snow here, you should definitely not forget to experience the great local food of this resort town in Hokkaido!

    Niseko Ramen Kazahana

    After getting cold cheeks, nose and hands on the slopes, you’ll surely be longing for something to warm you up, even if it’s just for a little while. Niseko Ramen Kazahana serves up a hearty, steaming bowl of ramen just when you need it. And this is not just your average bowl of noodles, here you can taste a creamy and fluffy potato flavored ramen which consists of two local specialties, miso, and potatoes.

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    Yakitori Torimatsu


    When in Japan, there should always be a good opportunity to try out the food being served at an izakaya (a Japanese style bar/restaurant). And in Niseko, Yakitori Torimatsu can be a good place to start. Yakitori Torimatsu is a family owned izakaya in the small town of Kuchan, and it is the owner himself who grills the yakitori (skewered chicken), their specialty. Besides yakitori, they serve a variety of food including sashimi, other kinds of grilled food and several rice-based dishes.

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    Sobadokoro Rakuichi

    Sobadokoro Rakuichi is a popular 12-seater soba house in Niseko owned by Tatsuru Rai, a Soba Master. You might be wondering what’s the difference eating soba here from your experience in any other given soba shop, but at Sobadokoro Rakuichi, your soba will actually be made right before your eyes giving the freshest soba noodles experience you could have. After boiling the soba it will be chilled, then placed on a ‘seiro’ (bamboo mat) and served ready to be eaten.

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    Many people, especially travelers that come from far away, would not only go to a certain place only to go skiing or boarding but also want to have a great time experiencing the local cuisine. The winter is a good time to just relax and take a break of your busy life, and surely Niseko is a wonderful place to do just that!

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