Foods to Try in Japan

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  • Perhaps one of the best parts about visiting or living in Japan is the superb variety of food it offers you. Foreign travelers will be delighted to find some of Asia’s most sought after cuisines available, such as Thai, Korean, and even Indian food. For the homesick Westerner, there are plenty of restaurants that provide Italian, French, and other European menus.

    What most people should try, however, is a different story. Japanese cuisine is hailed as one of the world’s most healthiest choices. When visiting the Land of the Rising Sun, here are some must-try foods to order on your adventure.


    Of course, if one is going to Japan, they must have sushi.
    Sushi is the traditional Japanese food that Japan is most known for. A simple slice of fresh, raw fish called “sashimi” is placed on top of a small portion of rolled rice. The piece is then dipped in soy or wasabi(if you’d like), and popped into your mouth for a wonderful food experience. There are simply too many sushi varieties to list, but favorites include tuna(maguro), Salmon(sa-mon), and eel(unagi). Be sure to try at least ten different kinds!


    After a long night of Karaoke and drinks, the treat that Japanese almost always allow themselves is a delicious bowl of Ramen. Coming in many different flavors from miso to soy, this meal is the perfect combination of tasty soup and soft noodles. There are many famous Ramen shops to choose from, but be sure to bring a friend!


    Yaki Tori is pieces of chicken roasted on a grill right in front of you. The pieces are then seasoned or sauced in whatever style you choose, though usually people stick to the traditional “salt” or “soy” ingredients. The many parts of the chicken are offered for roasting, from liver to heart, as well as the traditional breast or wing. Yaki-Tori is usually enjoyed with a glass of beer, some great friends, and some veggies on the side.

    At the end

    Whichever food you choose, Japan’s high standard of food freshness and prompt service are sure to leave you satisfied. Itadakimasu!!