Meet Pile Sama, the Voice Behind Love Live’s Nishikino Maki

  • Cute lovely characters, high school life and singing, lots and lots of it. That is what Love Live! is to many fans that love the anime franchise. Manga, Anime and Games, you name it and Love Live! has it, that is just how popular Love Live! is. If you have no idea about Love Live!, simply said it is a story about a group of girls who become idols in order to save their school that is going to be shut down.

    But I’m not going to focus about Love Live! in this article. What I’m going to talk about here is the voice behind one of the main characters from the Love Live! franchise, which is Pile (パイル) Sama.

    Pile Sama

    Pile Sama, or Hori Eriko, is a voice actress, singer, and actress in Japan. She is of Japanese-Korean descent as her father is Japanese and her mother is Korean. She is also proficient in both languages and English too. She started out in the Japan-wide Asian Dolls Audition and was chosen among 700 applicants in 2006. Her stage name Pile, was derived from piles of towels in which her meaning stated “Warm and enveloping and an artist who can be loved by everyone.

    Acting Career

    Although minimal in acting, Pile Sama was actually casted in minor roles like in the tv series of 1 litre of tears in 2005 and Karera no Umi VII in 2006. She also appeared in films like Asa no Koi, Oukoku and Tokyo Real. Pile Sama’s voice acting career started in 2010 for the Love Live! franchise voicing one of the main characters Nishikino Maki. Her fan base started to increase thanks to her role in Love Live! and she was also talked about as the currently most talked about singer/seiyuu after the second season of the anime.

    Singing Career

    Pile Sama debuted as a singer with the indie single Your is All back in 2007 which was made the opening theme for the drama series Ikari Oyaji Ai no Sekki Youtaikyoku. Much of her singing career got boosted because of Love Live! having quite a few duo releases and as well as character albums.

    Pile Sama released her first single in 2014 for the Victor Entertainment Densetsu no FLARE which was used for the ending song of the anime Tenkai Knights. Her first album Jewel Vox was released just this March and her single Dream Trigger is the opening song for the second season of the famous anime World Trigger.

    Admittedly, many people came to know and love Pile Sama because of her tsundere role in Love Live! But get to listen to some of her songs and you’ll get to see or hear a different kind of Pile Sama!

    Pile Official Website

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