Shoujiki Shougi: A Lie–Detecting TV Match Every AKB48 Fan Should Watch!

  • Shoujiki Shougi matches are ones of the most popular segments in AKBINGO!. AKBINGO! is a Japanese variety show featuring AKB48 members and it is hosted by the comedy duo Bad Boys. “Shoujiki” means honesty while “shougi” is a Japanese board game similar to chess. Shoujiki Shougi is a game in which members are asked questions, and the lie detector is attached to them to sense if a member is lying.

    Shoujiki Shougi

    In a match, two members are selected for a face-off. Both of them prepare a set of questions for their opponents to be asked. The members have to answer no to each question asked, and if they are found to be lying, the lie detector needle goes off the mark. The winner is the one who makes the opponent lie more.

    This game can destroy relationships if not taken in good humor. Several times, Takamina Minami became the “victim” by being the subject of the questions. For example, Kojima Haruna asked Mayu Watanabe if she felt that Takamina is an NG (no good) as an idol. Mayu said no and the needle went off the mark which showed that Mayu was lying. Mayu explained that she thought Takamina was more suited as a comedian or a different kind of idol. Perhaps the reason Takamina is so often the subject of questions is because she can take a joke without grudging.

    The match would often reveal embarrassing bits about the members. For instance, in the match between Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami, it was revealed that Kojima is a slob who has bottles with years-old liquid in them and uses towels for one week straight without washing them.
    Even though the lie detector is said to be 99.9% accurate, Mayu managed to get away with lying in a battle with Yuki Kashiwagi as she did not really care about the question.

    Although you may not be an AKB48 fan, you are bound to be entertained by these battles. You can also get a glimpse of the girls’ personalities with this show. Well, I am off to watch more Shoujiki Shougi matches!

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