Must try: Top 3 Best Gyudon Shops in Japan

  • Gyudon is one of the main foods in Japan. The name comes from the combination of two words- “Gyu” which means beef and “don” which is short for donburi, which is a food served on top of rice in a bowl.
    Gyudon is a famous donburi dish which consists of beef strips cooked in a mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sugar and Sake giving it a dash of sweetness and overall salty flavour.

    This satisfying dish is mostly popular among every Japanese and even most foreigners who are on a tight budget. It is fast, simple and delicious, which makes it a favorite and a must-try dish in Japan.

    You can try this dish at the 3 top leading Gyudon Restaurants. These restaurants work in either of two ways; a standard one when a waiter asks for your order, or you have to pay for your meal in advance through a vending machine located near the entrance of the establishment. These restaurants are normally open 24-hours 7 days a week, depending on location.


    Yoshinoya is Japan’s most popular “Gyudon” fast-food restaurant. It was founded way back in 1889 by a Japanese man named Eikichi Matsuda. It was an instant hit right from the start and now, it continuously expands businesses in and outside of Japan. They are currently available in areas like Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore. They offer not only economical food but also an interesting atmosphere for everyone.


    Sukiya Restaurant is perfect if you are looking for variety. They offer wider spectrum of menu from the basic beef to pork, seafood and vegetables. Sukiya is definitely a checklist for those who want to try somethomg different from their Gyudon dish without having to invest a lot. And aside from that, they also have larger boothes to accommodate family gatherings or larger-sized customers. Several chains are open 24/7 depending on the location and similarly to the latter, it is also one of the largest Gyudon Restaurant chains in Japan with are also available in areas such as China, Taiwan, Brazil and Thailand.


    Last, but definitely not least, is Matsuya Gyudon Restaurant. It may be the smallest chain of the three, yet, what most Japanese and foreign people love about this chain is their basic Gyudon dish with it’s finest beef quality and complimantery miso soup. The inside of the Restaurant is only operated by one or two people. You don’t need to hassle with several people as you make your order. But rather, you can make your order through a ticket machine. It is very efficient especially for busy working people. These machines are located near the door and once you receive your ticket, you just hand it in at the counter and, Viola! You can now enjoy your satisfying Gyudon dish.

    At the end

    If you are (or will soon be) in Japan, these food chains are definitely a must try. They are great and healthier alternative to burgers and fries.