Kunimigaoka, Miyazaki – Historical Hill With a Million Dollar View

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  • Kunimigaoka is a hill located in Takachiho town of Miyazaki prefecture. It has an altitude of 513 meters that makes it a famous spot for hikers and photographers in the region. Many photography enthusiasts come here to capture the amazing views the hilltop offers.

    History of the hill

    Miyazaki prefecture is one of the historical areas of Japan. It is believed to be the place where the first emperor of Japan, Jimmu was born. There is a mythological story associated with the Kunimigaoka hill. It is said that Takeiwatatsu-no-Mikoto, the grandson of Jimmu, once wanted to see the whole land for a survey. He went up to the top of this hill and could see the entire country. This is how the hill got its name, ‘Kunimigaoka’ which roughly means ‘the hill from where one can see the entire country’. In previous days, many emperors used to climb mountains and conduct ‘Kunimi’ ie., ‘gazing down the land’, and pray for a rich harvest. Apart from the Shinto appeal, this hill also has a Buddhist connection. Some people say that one can see a silhouette of Buddha, a mountain ridge that looks as if Buddha is lying down.

    Sea of clouds


    Kunimigaoka 国見が丘 The hill of 513m-altitude is known as the scenic spot where you can see the sea of clouds in the limited conditions, the early morning of sunny days without windows in the autumn like from mid of Sep to end of Nov. The landscape with fogs covering the entire Takachiho basin surrounded by mountains is imaginary and fabulous. Access 15 min by car or taxi from Takachiho bus terminal #japan #japantravel #traveljapan #japanphoto #japantrip #japan_vacations #japan_focus #japanphoto #beautifulscenery #takachiho #takachihogorge #kunimigaoka #sunrise #japansunrise #seaofclouds #takachihotravel #kyushutrip #nagasakitrip #nature #naturephotography #beautifulnature #spiritual

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    The ‘Sea of clouds’ is just a dramatic view of dense clouds and fog from the hilltop during some cold autumn mornings. One can view the peaks of nearby hills poking out of the mist. Kunimi hill is one of the best places to capture that atmospheric effect. From the hilltop, one can view Mt. Sobo in the North, Takachiho basin in the East, Mount Aso in the West and River Gokase below. The spot is well known for capturing beautiful panoramic views.

    Additionally, the climate of this hill area is more alpine than a sub-tropical lowland albeit it is situated in the southern island of Kyushu. So, if you want a good hiking experience or a nice photograph for your blog, you should certainly get to the hilltop of Kunimigaoka in Miyazaki prefecture!

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