Sagamiko Resort: An Amusement Park for Thrillseekers of All Ages!

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  • An amusement park popular for its Ferris-Wheel symbol is Sagamiko Resort “Pleasure Forest”. It is a park offering different zones for different interests in a setting blended with nature.

    There are a lot of attractions to try with an outdoor zone for camping and a hobby zone for cycling courses. There are four popular attractions worth-a-try for the young and old adventurers.


    Imagine being thrown into the large skyward with fear of being dropped into the bottom of the valley. This is how Oozoratengoku will thrill you. The tower’s summit reaches to an altitude of 370 meters high. From there, you will be thrown back and forth which can be very frightening yet pleasurable. It costs 800 yen per pass.

    Picasso no Tamago

    Picasso no Tamago is an athletic type of playground consisting of different shapes and color schemes. The concept is for children to be advanced and to think on their own. They can do anything with the shaped objects just like training to be an athlete. The pass costs 1,000 yen for children and 1,700 yen for adults.

    Karakuri Toride & Tengu Dojo


    Karakuri Toride consists of a hierarchy of steps with the goal of moving around in the most comprehensive way. The course has been constructed in such a way that children can go up, down, left and right in a new multi-layer type of giant maze attraction. It costs 500 yen per pass.

    Tengu Dojo is an athletic way for children to move through the air. They can do this with a variety of items such as logs and ropes between the decks. Decks can go as high as 8 meters tall so a height of 100 cm is a prerequisite.

    Map of the Place

    The amusement park is open at varying times. In September it is open every day, but in October is it closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Opening times are from 9 am or 10 am until 4 pm or 5 pm. For more information on opening times, please refer to their website below. You can enjoy all rides if you obtain a free pass which is 3,900 yen for adults and 3,100 yen for children.

    These attractions will surely add joy to every adventurous kid and adult who loves to try new things. Nothing beats having a pleasurable moment of bonding with family and friends.

    Sagami Resort Website


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