3 Reasons Why Takeshi Kaneshiro is Still a Movie Star Heart-Throb

  • Due to star in an upcoming movie titled “The Crossing”, the heart-throb still looks charming and suave, and for many still guessing his marital status… he’s still single!

    1. Humble

    At the movie’s press conference, about 600 fans were there to witness his latest public press conference presence, Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武) still as humble as ever, thanked his fans when they screamed “I love you!”. When asked about his marital status, the star replied, “I am still the same. Still single” in a shy manner (which I’m sure many fans probably flustered even more).

    2. Movie Star

    Director John Woo sang many praises of the star saying that the star is a very warm person, interacting with extra actors and actors alike and gives opinions about lines and plots.

    Prior to this, he was last seen in a movie named “Dragon (Wuxia)” where he played a cool detective obsessed with science and tracking down a man with a mysterious past. It’s quite an interesting movie with a good delivery from the cast.

    3. Ideal Husband

    Part of the list in top 10 ideal husbands in Taiwan, Takeshi is only among the megastar ranks like Wang lee hom and Jay chou not even yet in a relationship. Quoting a humorous incident, a total of 30 guests had been invited to the getaway, sponsored by Takeshi himself, friends of Takeshi Kaneshiro who were invited to attend a private party in Como, Italy were left embarrassed, after they mistook the event as his ‘engagement’. They had arrived with gifts of engagement only to find that Takeshi was not, in fact, getting married, but was instead celebrating his 40th birthday, which falls on Oct 11.

    All who follow this dear movie star, let’s look forward to “The Crossing” starring the heart-throb together.

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