4 Cute Songs to Make You Skip to the ’Nisekoi’ Beat!

  • When watching anime, there are three things that attract a certain viewer. These are the anime’s genre, plot or story as a whole, the characters that play the vital role of the anime and, of course, the opening and ending theme songs that viewers get hooked on.

    All anime have opening and ending theme songs that are connected to the genre of the anime it is from. If you have a cute anime, you get a cute song as well. The same with the songs I’d like to introduce to the readers of this article. Many people are familiar with Nisekoi and there are quite a few opening and ending songs for the anime. But here are the ones that will surely leave you wanting to put them on repeat.

    1. Click by ClariS

    Click is a synthpop song by Japanese idol duo unit ClariS and is the first opening theme song for the first season of Nisekoi. The song is somehow mellow but also has a lively beat especially in the chorus.

    2. Souzou Diary by Various Artists

    Souzou Diary is the ending song used for episode 20 of the first season. This song is actually sung by the voice actors of the four main female characters which are Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, and Marika. This is a cute and beautiful song and with each voice actor having solo lines.

    3. Rally Go Round by LiSA

    Rally Go Round is the opening theme song for the second season of Nisekoi and is sung by LiSA, the same person who sang the opening and ending songs for Sword Art Online. Rally Go Round is a lively upbeat song with some electric guitar mixes and is sure to put everyone in a good mood.

    4. Aimai Hertz by Various Artists

    Aimai Hertz is the ending theme song for the first, third and sixth episode of season two and is also sung by the same artists as Souzou Diary. Aimai Hertz is also cuter and more upbeat and in tune compared to Souzou Diary.

    Most of Nisekoi’s opening and ending themes consist of cute songs which will put anyone in a good mood maker. There are also a number of character songs in Nisekoi. Did some of your favorite opening and ending songs make the list?

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