The Remake of Final Fantasy VII: Do you Prefer Real-time or Turn-Based?

  • Due to the popularity of Final Fantasy which was released in 1997, a high definition remake version is confirmed for Play Station 4. Fans have been yearning for the remake version for so long as Final Fantasy VII was regarded by many fans to be the best Final Fantasy game. The official title for this new version is Final Fantasy VII Remake. It supposedly has some changes to the story and will be released in multi-parts.


    From the trailer the remake seems pretty well done! It seems like the battles are no longer turn-based but in real-time. I actually prefer real-time combat as I get to have more control of the characters. While turn-based combat seems fair in a way as you get to attack once and then the enemy would attack back once like in a game of chess, it all seems unfair in the end as the main enemies’ attacks usually end up being so much more powerful than your characters’ even if you have trained them to very high levels.


    Perhaps I think too highly of real-time combat as it might turn out even more frustrating and difficult to defeat the major enemies because at least with the turn-based style, I get to think and react slowly, although sometimes an enemy would cheat and double attack if I took too long a time.


    Since the remake is based on real-time combat, I hope that other players would be able to control the other characters because computer-controlled allies usually do a pretty sloppy job like a co-worker who is slacking off.


    All these seem so good and exciting that I really want to play it but I do not own a Play Station 4. I am not sure if purchasing a PS4 just for the sake of playing this game is worth it. Probably there will be a PC version. I am glad for this remake because I recall trying to play the original Final Fantasy VII again just a couple of years ago and I just could not make it through the graphic quality.

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