4 most popular night activities in Japan

  • Whether you enjoy going out to a bar for a drink, taking your partner to a movie, or just hanging out with your friends, Japan has a variety of different activities and places for you to sample!
    Here is a short list of popular activities and locations that most Japanese engage themselves in when it’s a weekend night off. Please remember that while this list has many suggestions, there are many more to discover when you come to Japan, so you’ll just have to see for yourself when you get here!


    These are the spots where most of the partying takes place. An Izakaya is a place where people usually go for an after work drink, settling down to dine on some finger food while enjoying a cocktail or beer. It is a common place for salary-men to go together after the last workday, drinking and eating in preparation for the next part of the night. Which leads us to our next option…


    If there is one thing all visitors of Japan should try, it’s singing out loud in front of all their friends in Japan’s famous Karaoke bars. The prices for liquor and beer are quite cheap, and you can party in the privacy of your own Karaoke room for hours into the night. This is one of the trademark celebration traditions in Japan, so don’t be shy! Get up there and sing!


    Just like every other country, Japan has its share of bars and clubs. Both are excellent for meeting new people and enjoying drink with friends. Worried about your Japanese speaking ability? There are plenty of foreign bars as well, where other travelers can meet up and interact with some Japanese people who are comfortable with their English.

    Arcade games

    For the video game fanatics of the world, there is no greater country to visit. Inside every city, there is an Arcade to visit and try your skills against other players. A great way to meet fellow gamers, arcades in Japan offer you a chance to play all the newest games or just hang out with your friends.

    At the end

    Overall, there are tons of classical places for you to visit in Japan, not just these examples. There are Dart Bars, Billiards and Bowling Alley’s that people attend nightly. So go have fun!