4 Japanese Celebrities Who Had Dekikon (Shotgun Marriages)

  • In Japan, shotgun marriages are known as “Dekichatta kekkon” which literally means “already have a baby – marriage”. It can also be shortened to Deki-kon. During the late 90’s especially, shotgun weddings were hugely publicized in Japan. Notable celebrities who had shotgun marriages include:

    Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)

    At the height of her popularity, she got pregnant at the age of 20 and married Sam (Masaharu Mruyama), her boyfriend at that time. However, instead of her action being frowned upon, the media pretty much gave her positive publicity as the couple supposedly done the right thing by being responsible and getting married. They were boosted as a model couple even by the government. Sam was also asked to lead a campaign to encourage young men to be responsible dads.

    Nozomi Tsuji (辻希美)

    She was a former member of Mini Moni, W and Morning Musume. At the age of 19, she got pregnant and married actor Taiyo Sugiura. This happened after Kago Ai, her partner in the duo group W, got into trouble for drinking and smoking. Some fans called it the curse of W.

    Melody (Miyuki Ishikawa / 石川みゆき)

    Melody had a shotgun wedding with Miyavi which came as a shock because at that time, the media speculated that Miyavi was having a relationship with Tanaka Reina who was an ex-member of Morning Musume. The media shortly dropped off the speculation after the couple’s marriage.

    Leah Dizon (リア・ディゾン)

    This sexy model broke many men’s hearts when she married her stylist, Bun after she got pregnant. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last and the couple divorced after 2 years. Later, it was reported that Bun stopped paying for child support due to the bankruptcy of his business partner.

    Shotgun marriages seem to have lost its stigma in Japan due to the vast amount of well-known celebrities having such marriages. About one-third of the weddings in Japan are shotgun. It is certainly seen as a responsible thing to do to get married after an unplanned pregnancy so the child would have both parents.

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