KFC Japan is Doing it Again – Cheeseburgers and Christmas Meals!

  • Everyone knows and loves the Colonel. That goes double in Japan. Popular for all the holidays, you can find KFC hawking their delicious fried chicken at Valentines, Halloween, and most importantly, Christmas! More on that below.

    More than chicken


    As a primary server of chicken and chicken based sandwiches, they do offer some dishes to cater to local tastes, such as grilled rice balls and chicken pot pies.


    Occasionally, Kentucky breaks out the big guns to compete with other fast food joints. Well, eat your heart out McDonalds, because the Colonel is in it to win it this year. They have released a Cheeseburger. That’s right, no chicken! But it is soooo good.
    This new concoction is a special ‘Bistro’ hamburger made with a blend of ground beef and ground pork. It comes on a special toasty seeded bun, with grilled cheese, mayo, lettuce, and a special mustard cream sauce.


    At first I was skeptical. If I want a burger, I go to a burger joint. Well, to my surprise the bun was amazing, the patty simply delicious, and the sauce to die for. I couldn’t believe I was enjoying such deliciousness in the form of a burger at the local KFC. But these guys are crafty! I had the cheeseburger meal, with fries and a cola. Delicious and filling. But something was missing. There was a delicious aftertaste in my mouth, but I still wanted… you guessed it… chicken! After all no amount of delicious burger could compete with the scent of freshly deep fried poultry. I ended up getting a two piece and feeling sorry not sorry for indulging. This must be what they had in mind, get them in with the new burger, and torture them with chicken scent.

    If you have a chance to try this, go for it! No regrets, and an amazing deal in my opinion for 490 Yen, or 790 Yen for the dinner set meal.


    As an optional side menu, they do have some great soups on the go right now, onion and corn chowder, both for 290 Yen.

    Nothing says Christmas like deep-fried chicken!


    And, if you want to spend your Christmas like a traditional Japanese, order their Christmas special. We like to eat it after work on Christmas Day, followed by delicious Christmas Cake. It is much easier to pre-order, but they generally stop taking pre-orders around the 10th of December. If you go on the day, be prepared for a long wait. As well, don’t assume you can get anything on the menu. KFC usually offers a Christmas only menu to simplify ordering and speed up lines. One of their options for this year is 4,980 yen for four piece of regular chicken, half a roast chicken, fresh ham salad, Christmas cake, and christmas plates! Yum Yum.

    So there you have it, a world of change! Burgers at KFC, fried chicken for christmas, and new experiences all around. Mmmm. Finger Lickin’ Good!

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