They’re Back! Mister Donut Renews Its Delicious Pon De Chou for a Limited Time!

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  • Sweet treats during this winter season sound like a good match for some hot beverages while sitting on the couch watching television. I’m sure many of you have heard of Pon De Ring, the chewy ring donuts that are popularly sold at Mister Donut.


    Now if you are familiar with Pon De Ring, why not try out something new? If you don’t know what it is yet, then let me explain it to you. Mister Donut just released a new donut line and it’s called the Pon De Chou donut!

    MisDo Pon De Chou Donut


    The Pon De Chou Donut is Mister Donut’s newest donut line, but it was actually released for a limited time for the MisDo Halloween special. There were 4 flavor variations which included murasaki imo, pumpkin, custard and the most popular, cookie cream, which were added along with the other Halloween donuts for sale.

    Pon De Chou Donut Renewal


    The Pon De Chou Donut became so popular during its limited sale time that Mister Donut had it released for a renewal! This time around, the Pon De Chou Donut is being served in Mister Donut branches from December 15 of 2015 until mid-March 2016.

    The popular cookie cream and custard flavors are also back along with two new flavors, the Pon De Chou strawberry and caramel. All 4 variations of the Pon De Chou Donuts are sold at ¥97 each, including tax.

    Pon De Chou Donut Texture and Taste


    The easiest way to explain the texture of the Pon De Chou donut is fairly similar to the Pon De Ring. The outside is light but the inside is chewy and, of course, added with the cream inside and topped with various flavor coatings. The Cookie Cream is a must try! Imagine the texture of Pon De Ring topped with powdered sugar and crunchy cookie on the inside. No need for further explanations, it’s good!

    This time around, the Pon De Chou donut will be offered to consumers for a longer time so if ever you’re here in Japan, why not drop by the nearest Mister Donut branch before it ends in March!

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