3 Sushi Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings in Atami!

  • Atami in Shizuoka is a popular destination for tourists because of the number of hot springs it has to offer to soothe your tired body. Aside from that, since Atami is right next to the seaside, there is always a fresh catch of marine products, making for a large offering of the freshest seafood!

    When you think of seafood products in Japan, the first kind of food that comes to mind is surely sushi. It’s one of the favorites of many locals and tourists alike, and there are plenty of sushi stores in Atami where you can enjoy just that. Make sure to check out these 3 popular places to satisfy your sushi cravings in Atami!

    三松鮨 (Mimatsuzushi)


    With ‘fresh’ as its motto, Mimatsuzushi serves the customers their recommended Osusume Course with a variety of marine products caught in the nearby sea. Another specialty of this sushi shop is that they match their selection of seafood with every season. Mimatsuzushi is located in Ginza Cho, Atami, which is only about a 15-minute walk from Atami Station.

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    寿司処初川 (Sushidokoro Hatsukawa)


    Sushidokoro Hatsukawa is known for its popular ¥1000 Lunch Set. Here you can choose between either the nigiri lunch, chirashi lunch or the bara chirashi lunch. All sets include a salad, chawanmushi (Japanese egg custard), and soup which is quite a good quantity for a very affordable price. Sushi prices do go up a bit at night, though: at dinnertime sushi will cost at least ¥400 per piece. Sushidokoro Hatsukawa is a 15-minute walk from Atami Station.

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    すし処美旨 (Sushidokoro Miyoshi)


    Sushidokoro Miyoshi is a simple but high-end 14 seat sushi place in Atami that’s about a 15-minute walk from Kinomiya Station. Sushidokoro Miyoshi serves a variety of mouthwatering nigiri sushi, which is their specialty. Although it is a simple establishment, one thing that people who plan to eat here should be warned about is the price: the store’s cheapest nigiri sushi course will cost you ¥5000.

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    Whether you’re only here for a vacation or live locally, sushi is one of the Japanese dishes you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Add in some good Japanese beer to complement your sushi, and make your dining experience even better!

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