Japanese dogs, the internet stars!

  • When you come over to Japan you will notice that Japanese people love animals and most particularly dogs. That’s why you might see the two most famous Japanese dog breeds that we are going to speak about.

    Shiba Ken

    First of all there is very cute Shiba Ken (or Shiba Inu) breed which is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world! This dog can have different colors such as white, red, black, tan or even sesame. It usually has a medium size of around 40cm and wieghs around 8kg. This dog has an interesting temperament as it likes to be cleaned, it is quite proud of itself. Of course, if you train the dog, as any other breed of dog it will have a different behaviour. Moreover, this dog loves to be walked daily!

    Shiba Ken is considered to be a healthy breed because its life spam averages from 12 to 15 years old and it is believed that Shiba dogs do not have many allergies and other dog diseases.

    This dog is now mainly considered as a pet in both Japan and abroad. In the mid-20th century the first Shiba dog was brought to the United States.

    Akita Ken

    The other famous Japanese dog breed is Akita Ken which is a dog that can mainly be found in the mountainous north of Japan. It is a very gentle dog that also has an interesting character. In fact, it is both territorial and shy with the strangers at the same time, however as I said before it all depends on the training.

    After the World War II, some American soldiers were interested in the Akita Kens, therefore, they brought some of them to the United States. Even if both the American Akita the Japanese Akita have a common ancestor, the American dogs are now heavier with stronger bones and can be found in any color however the Japanese dogs can be found only in red, sesame, fawn, white and a few other colors.

    Doge meme

    A funny fact is that there is a popular meme on the internet since 2013 which consists of a Shiba dog picture and multicolored text in broken English. It is called “doge”.