Try These 3 Natural Bath Hacks from Japan!

  • A relaxing bath is just the right thing to take away the worst cold of winter. It heats you up from the inside out, and it is a great way to soothe your sore muscles and stiff shoulders. You can find a variety of synthetic bath additives in Japan that come in many scents and flavours, but you may not know about the popular DIY methods yet.

    As bathing is a big part of Japanese culture, bath hacks have been around for ages. If you want to get the most out of your experience, you should try using actual natural resources that are all around us. Check out five of the more common DIY bath additives below, whether you are in Japan or not, this way you can enjoy the Japanese bathing experience anyway! The best thing is, there is no need for having any brand name powders on hand.



    Ginger is well known for its medicinal properties. It heats the body from inside out, is supposed to give protection against colds, and helps the digestive system. Ginger can be quite potent, so don’t overdo it on the first go. Peel the ginger, slice it up thin (or grate it), and put it in a net to allow it to be mixed into the water. 1/4 of a standard ginger root will suffice, if not less at first. Ginger is cheap and abundant, use some for the bath and save some for the cookies!



    Yuzu is a small citrus fruit found all over Japan at the colder times of the year. Apparently the vitamins are good for your skin, but it really is the aroma you are after. A lovely citrusy bath does wonders for the body and soul. Pop a few whole yuzu in the hot bath water, or slice up one and put it in a small net. If you are going for the sliced option one yuzu should suffice. If you want to use the whole, five pieces should be enough. If you can’t find yuzu in your home country, mandarin oranges will also do the trick.

    Green Tea


    Easy to do, and cheap to boot! Fill the tub with hot water and add a net with green tea leaves, or pop a few (four or so) tea bags into the tub. Let the tea soak for ten to fifteen minutes, and hop in. Green tea is good for detoxing the body, and full of good stuff for your skin as well.

    Try these home remedies for a relaxing Japanese style soak this winter, no matter where you live. After all, everyone needs a good bout of relaxation and enjoyment every now and then. It’s not for nothing that Japan is seen as a master bathing nation.

    Happy Bathing!

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