Watch Actress Sawajiri Erika Star in the New Ooku Drama Special!

  • For the first time in 11 years, Ooku to have a drama SP starring popular actress Sawaji Erika (沢尻エリカ). The drama SP will be about heroic women who live in the Edo period. The first episode, “Daiichibu ~ Saikyou no Onna ~”, to air on January 22 from 9:00 – 10:22 pm JST. Meanwhile, the second episode “Dainibu ~ Higeki no Shimai ~” is to air on January 29 from 9:00 – 10:22 pm JST.

    On the first part, “Saikyou no Onna”, Sawajiri will play as “Omiyo” while for the second part, “Higeki no Shinmai”, she’ll play as the concubine, “Ume”.

    Who is Sawajiri Erika?

    Sawajiri Erika is a popular actress from Japan. She rose to fame when she portrayed a dying character named Aya who is suffering from sickness called spinocerebellar degeneration in the non-fiction drama series One Liter of Tears. Her other projects include the drama series of Taiyou no Uta and recent dramas such as First Class and Yokoso, Wagaya he. Sawajiri also ventured in the J-Pop scene having released three singles: Taiyou no Uta’s “Stay with me”, “Free” and “Destination Nowhere”. She was active from 2001-2007 and later came back in 2010 up to the present. Unfortunately, there came a time when she was surrounded by controversy. She cancelled on a film festival that was held overseas in 2007. It was later disclosed that she was seen clubbing with a man 22 years older than her. Her management then, Stardust Promotions, terminated her contract due to undisclosed reasons in 2009. It was later revealed that she was forced to apologize to the public but later regretted it.

    Sawajiri Erika opens an Instagram account

    Sawajiri recently opened an Instagram account with the handle name, @horoyoi_erika. As of this writing, she already uploaded 19 photos and has more than 200,000 followers!

    Personal thoughts about Sawajiri Erika

    I first saw her acting when I watched One Litre of Tears. I was moved by Sawajiri Erika’s acting and by the plot of the drama since it was based on a true story. I also watched her latest drama series, First Class, and I’m again amazed at her acting! I also followed her Instagram account. I hope you’ll follow it too!

    Erika Sawajiri Official Website

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