10 Affordable Gifts from Japan

  • When you visit a foreign country, you might want to get some things that are difficult to find in your own country. Same with Japan, you might want to find some unique things that you can buy from Japan either for yourself or for your friends / family. Of course, there are many interesting things to buy in Japan, but sometimes you also need to keep the price in mind. Below are 10 things that you can buy in Japan without digging into your savings.

    1. Umbrellas

    Japan has many unique and good quality umbrellas, and Japanese umbrellas are also a popular souvenir among many tourists. You can many kinds of umbrellas in the shopping centers or tourism sites. 1 umbrella is noramlly around 1000 yen.

    2. Tea

    Japan is very popular for its green tea. Buying Japanese green tea as a gift is a good idea. You can find Japanese tea almost everywhere, prices vary from the cheap ones to more expensive highest-quality ones, and come in various forms.

    3. Uniqlo

    Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand. Buying Uniqlo in the other countries can sometimes be pricey. But in Japan, Uniqlo clothes iare sold at a more affordable price. You can find simple things in Uniqlo to get as a gift, like a pair of socks for only a few hundred yen.

    4. Matcha

    Besides its tea, Japan is also famous with its green tea latte, called Matcha. This flavor comes in various products like chocolate, matcha powder, and some snacks. So buying matcha is also not a bad idea. It is easy to find in the supermarkets around Japan.

    5. Ceramic

    Japan is also very popular with its ceramics and pottery. The uniqueness of its ceramic can be found in the form of plates, bowls and glasses. Sometimes you can find it for cheap in 100 yen shops or antique stores. So, why not buy this nice Japanese ceramic bowl for your mother our aunty?

    6. Kit Kat

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    Why is Kit Kat so popular in Japan? Because it is available in many flavors. From original chocolate ones to green tea, rum raisin and strawberry flavored. You can get a pack of Kit Kat for far less than 300 yen in the supermarket. But you have to pay more if you buy it in an airport oe some special touristic places.

    7. Shiseido

    Like Uniqlo, Shiseido is a Japanese brand. But this one is for cosmetics. In Japan, Shiseido is sold everywhere from convenience store until shopping malls. Unlike high-end Shisedo line in other countries, some products of Shiseido in Japan have fairly low prices like facial wash for 1000 yen.

    8. Miso Paste

    Who doesn’t like Miso? The traditional Japanese soup seasoning. Some people may really want to make miso soup when they get back to their country. So why not buy miso paste in Japan? It is available in 100 yen shops.

    9. Stationery

    Why stationery? Because Japan has its own unique stationery. So why not get it for your nephew? Or yourself?

    10. Geta

    Geta, or Japanese wooden footwear. is one of the more traditional things that can be your option too. The price of geta varies according to the quality.