Get to Know One-Punch Man’s Top 5 S-Class Heroes

  • One Punch Man is currently one of most trending and popular manga turned anime series around, filled with action and comedy. S-Class rank is the highest in the Hero Association and comprises of the ones called upon when threat levels exceed or equal demon level.

    At present, there are 17 S-Class heroes. This article will make you acquainted with the top 5, super powerful, S-Class heroes and you can flaunt your newly gained knowledge in front of your friends!

    Here are the Top 5 S-Class Heroes.

    Child Emperor – Rank 5

    He is the youngest hero on the list and also in the whole of Hero Association. In appearance, he is a young boy often seen with a school bag on his bag and licking a lollipop. He is a genius who is proficient in analysing situations and forming plans as seen in the Great Prophecy Arc. Inside his backpack is advanced technological weapons like a four-legged contraption which comes out when fighting demon level monsters.

    Atomic Samurai – Rank 4

    The rank 4 S-class hero has long black hair tied back and wears a cloak with an atomic symbol on it. His physical abilities include immense speed and enhanced strength. He is very skilled in the art of swordsmanship and has a lethal technique called atomic slash. Three of his most prominent disciples are top A ranked guys.

    Silver Fang/Bang – Rank 3

    Bang is an old man with white spiky hair and a thick mustache. He uses a fighting style called ‘Rock-Smashing Water Stream Fist’, and also owns a dojo. His reflexes, speed, strength and resistance/durability are top notch. His elder brother, Bomb, is known for his Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist and is also very strong.

    Tornado of Terror/Tatsumaki – Rank 2

    She is the only female hero in S-Class, and despite her childish looks, she is actually 28 years old and is the older sister of B-Class hero, Fubuki. She has green hair and wears a black dress and is one of the strongest espers alive (has telepathic/psychic powers). Her abilities include telekinesis with which she can easily fly and go from lifting boulders to making a meteorite fall and annihilate the Ancient King.

    Blast – Rank 1

    The top-ranked S-Class hero is yet to make his appearance in the manga and little is known about him/her. Blast is shown not to attend the hero meetings and hero association does not prefer seeking help from blast generally because blast likes full freedom and does things as he/she wishes.

    So, there you go! The top 5 One-Punch Man S-class heroes, I hope they have recruited some new fans and will become some of your favorite anime characters.

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