5 Delicious McDonald’s Pies to Try as the Seasons Change in Japan

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  • As you might know, McDonald’s has differing menus all over the world. So, the McDonald’s in Japan, of course, has its own menu too, as well as differing dessert specialties for every season. One of their best-sellers, the baked apple pie, is my favorite, especially in cold weather.

    However, McDonalds Japan offers a special variety of pies to suit the changing of seasons.

    1. Hot Apple Pie


    Though McDonald’s Apple Pies are not only sold in Japan, this flavor is a local favorite. It is a combination of delicious apples lightly spiced with cinnamon and baked in flaky pastry. The apple pies are sold throughout the year, so if you’re in Japan anytime soon, fret not, the classic flavor is always available.

    2. The Strawberry Pie


    The McDonald’s strawberry pie crust has the same crispy flaky texture as their apple pies but also has a baked-on sprinkling of sugar that gives the crust an extra bit of sweetness.

    The strawberry inside appears to be a jam combined with strawberry syrup. So, the combination of sweet and crispy eating is quite enjoyable. If you want to try one, these strawberry pies are available around the beginning of April, welcoming the spring season!

    3. The Red Bean Paste (anko) Pie


    Sweet red bean paste, or anko paste, is a familiar taste in Japan. It is used in many kinds of Japanese traditional desserts. Anko has a creamy taste that is rich in sweetness without being overbearing. These anko pais were first sold in September this year, welcoming the windy autumn season. If you are a fan of taiyaki (fish-shaped red-bean cake) and dorayaki (red-bean pancake), this modern anko-filled dessert will also agree with your taste buds.

    4. The Triangle Chocolate Pie

    McDonald’s Japan has started offering a triangle shaped chocolate pie since 2012. The chocolate pie contains premium cocoa and almond in the crust with a chocolate cream filling, and they go along very well with McDonald’s premium coffee. It is sold in the beginning of winter season, around late November, just when the weather makes you crave warm, sweet, heavenly bites.

    5. The Bacon Potato Pie


    For those who are not to keen on sweet desserts, this flavor could be one of your best dessert experiences. From the outside, it looks similar to the McDonald’s apple pie, but it is salty and savory, with mashed potato filling and bacon deep-fried in the crispy crust.

    When you’re an on-the-go traveler in Japan, there’s a pretty big chance that you’ll find yourself grabbing a bite to eat at McDonald’s. And for only 100 yen (around $1.50), all these McDonald’s pies are worth it after finishing that BigMac as there is always room for dessert, of course!

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