3 Delicious Food Specialties Not to Miss When Visiting Iwakuni, Yamaguchi!

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  • Located on the west side of Japan is Yamaguchi, a prefecture that is about a 5-hour train ride by Shinkansen from Tokyo. Yamaguchi is popular for its Kintai Bridge that is located in Iwakuni and is also a prefecture that is popular during spring for the sakura hanami. But aside from that, there are many other reasons why you should check out Yamaguchi!


    Mikan Nabe


    Suou Oshima is an island located in Yamaguchi Prefecture and is known as the Island of Oranges (Mikan no Shima). You’ve probably heard of the perfect-for-cold-weather food, nabe in Japan. Well, in Yamaguchi, nabe is also a specialty but with a twist! Mikan Nabe is a local dish of the island and is a savory citrusy hot pot dish with oranges in it.

    Iwakuni Sushi


    Iwakuni sushi is a special dish from Iwakuni which is a layer of rice and various ingredients. Iwakuni Sushi is made by placing the ingredients in a large wooden box in layers and features a number of local specialties. There are many kinds of sushi in Japan and Iwakuni Sushi is colorfully one of those.

    Fugu Products


    Yamaguchi is very much known for its Fugu or Pufferfish dishes. Many of you are familiar with it being a deadly fish and while it is true, there are also a number of fugu products for souvenirs in Yamaguchi.

    One of the popular souvenir fugu products is Fugu Uni & Fugu Mentai. A combination of Fugu and Uni or Mentai, is a perfect side dish and topping for newly cooked rice. These are sold either per piece or by set. And another fugu product recommended for souvenirs is Fugu Karaage or Fried Fugu. Many stores sell these for souvenir purposes at the fish market, Karato Ichiba in Shimonoseki.

    Having a little adventure in Japan? Then make sure to put Yamaguchi on your checklist and check out these awesome treats that will surely impress you!

    Yamaguchi Tourism Website


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