Start Dating Your Virtual Knight in Shining Armour with the ’Magic Sword+’ App Game!

  • ‘Shall we date? Magic Sword+’ is an otome game (maiden game) which you can download on AppStore or Google Play. It is a game similar to telltale games in which you get to choose your dialogues. The game is free to play unless you want to complete the game without time constraint or to buy certain items.


    In the story, you are a princess who is assigned to look for the Excalibur Sword which is said to have been stolen by the legendary King Arthur. You are a princess with combat skills but you are not strong enough and it is not worth it to risk a princess’ life, so three brave and strong warriors are assigned to accompany you on your journey. Since this is a dating sim game, you can choose to fall for one of these guys:



    Ray is a gifted magician who also likes to tease others which can sometimes make them angry. He is cool, calm and collected, and comes and goes as he likes. He is the “bad boy” character in this game.



    Ethan is a skillful swordsman and a born leader. He is kind, chivalrous and protective. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. He does not allow you, the princess, to fight as he thinks women should not get into physical fights and hurt themselves.



    Estel is an elf who is mainly an archer. He is a pretty boy who fights in a graceful and charming manner. He also loves nature.

    For each character, there are three endings which are: Normal Ending, Happy Ending, and Sweet Ending depending on the answers you select. The Sweet Ending is supposedly the ideal ending. However, the stories and endings can have somewhat mature content and there are also spin-off stories so that you won’t stop at just playing the main stories.

    From experience, I am pleasantly surprised with this particular game as it offers something different compared to other typical free app games like cooking games, farm games, puzzle games etc. Of course, you can’t compare this to Telltale Games on a PC or other consoles.

    So, if you haven’t already, give the free app ‘Shall we date? Magic Sword+’ game a go and see which character is your favorite!

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