Bandai is Releasing the Limited Dragon Ball Shenron Cushion!

  • Growing up, I always had more affinity towards animals than people. I just used to think that humans, in general, looked less attractive than animals among which even the ugliest ones still looked pretty cute to me. Thus, in most cartoons or comics, my favorite characters were always non-human characters, like Shenron in the Dragonball series. Hence, I was thrilled to find out that Bandai will be releasing a Shenron cushion!

    Limited Shenron cushion

    The Shenron weighs 1 kg and it is about 2 meters long which makes it taller than the average human.
    I think it looks pretty skinny like a lizard but on some pictures it seems to have the right proportions. The Shenron cushion is available for pre-orders up until Jan. 5th 2016, and will be delivered in March 2016. It costs 27,000 yen which may seem a little expensive. The cushion’s target customers are those aged 15 and above. This is probably because younger kids will hardly see what’s so cool about it!

    A special attribute of the Shenron cushion is that it is multi-jointed so you can curve it according to what suits you. For instance, you can hang it around your neck like a snake and you can attempt to do the snake dance with it too! Or perhaps you are just a simple person who would be content to use it as a fancy pillow. Alternatively, you can treat it like a bolster or a “dakimura”(body pillow) and hug it when you sleep.

    Cosplayers can also use the Shenron cushion in their Dragon Ball cosplay photoshoot or as a prop to their costumes! The possibilities are endless!

    Are you interested in purchasing the Shenron cushion? What would you use it for? It would be a great gift to Dragon Ball lovers! If you are staying in Japan Jan.-March, make sure to pre-order it while you can!

    Shenron Cushion Pre-order

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