Stop by Inuyama City and make your trip to Japan unforgettable!

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  • Inuyama is the name of the city located in Aichi prefecture, about 40 km away from Nagoya. Because of its beautiful nature and historical legacies, Inuyama has become one of the famous tourist destinations in Japan. People tend to say that Inuyama is only famous for its castle, but there is more to see in this place. Inuyama is the home for Japanese castle, shrines, a park, a beautiful river, as well as traditional shopping street and restaurants. One or two-day trip is enough to see the beauty of Inuyama.

    So, what you can see when you visit Inuyama?

    Inuyama Castle

    Inuyama castle or Inuyama-jo is a national treasure of Japan. It is an authentic, original and well-preserved castle. From the top of the castle a visitor can see a beautiful view of Kiso river and the mountains.

    Inuyama Jyokamachi

    This is the street that is full of restaurants, museums, and stores. The traditional houses and the atmosphere remind us of Kyoto. That’s why sometimes people call it “little Kyoto”. You can enjoy walking down this street after visiting Inuyama castle. You can stop by museums or restaurants and buy some traditional Japanese handicrafts that are sold in some shops.

    Meijimura Museum

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    This is an open air museum that preserves historic buildings from Meiji and Showa era. There are buildings like hotels, police station, train station, hospital, prison, and church. However, not only Japanese architecture, this place is also surrounded by western-style buildings.

    Little World Museum of Man

    The awesome museum where you can learn about other countries. Here you can see some countries’ architectures, try their foods and wear their traditional clothes as well. This is a good attraction, especially so if you bring your kids.

    Urakuen Garden

    There is a teahouse inside the garden as well as tea museum. The Jo-an tea pavilion is one of the finest teahouses in Japan. The garden is very lovely and becomes even more beautiful in autumn.