2 Must–Go-On Trips in Japan for Avid Nature Lovers

  • Japan is a totally beautiful place all the year round that needs to be appreciated to the fullest. Japanese have long been appreciating nature through their festivals, songs and folklore. Sometimes, they go on trips to do nothing more than appreciating the beauty of nature that humanity has been blessed with. Here are the two so-called ‘nature appreciation trips’ one should go on in Japan. One would definitely be spell bounded by the plethora of scenic beauty these trips offer.

    Isaribi Trip

    Isaribi is the Japanese for ‘fishing lights’. These are put into fishing boats along the sea horizon to attract fish especially the Cuttlefish during the summer months. You can visit any shore of a seaside city to catch this amazing ‘Isaribi view’. The best time to go is a misty evening. You can see the sea horizon lined up with fantastic fishing lights illuminating the dark and creating a wonderful atmosphere. You will be amazed by the majestic beauty of the sea embellished with Isaribi with a mystic and hazy sea view on a misty evening you will never forget. Many Japanese go on an ‘Isaribi trip’ in the evenings to appreciate the beauty of sea and the shimmering boat lights altogether. These trips are available throughout the country.

    Yukimisen Trip
    Lake Biwa

    You probably already know Japan is famous for its cruising. Not all cruises are amazing enough to show you the scenic charm of a sea or a lake to the fullest. However, especially on a clear winter day, a ‘Yukimisen’ trip will make anyone completely enthralled. ‘Yuki’ means ‘snow’ in Japanese. This trip is also called a ‘Snow appreciation trip’.

    Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan which is located in Shiga prefecture, which is the most famous area for Yukimisen. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Japan and the scenery it offers cannot be expressed in simple words. Winter cruises run until the arrival of Spring. One of them includes a luxury high-speed cruise offered by the ‘Rio Grande’ that operates between Otsu in the south of Biwa to Nagahama in the North. Also, there are many paddling boats too, such as the famous ‘Michigan’. Otsu is the capital city of Shiga and it is the main port of Lake Biwa. The ship offers a scenic view of the snowy lake with birds, fish, mountains and other natural wonders. There are plenty of hotels in Otsu for you to spend your holiday in.

    Michigan Cruise Boat

    Many Japanese spend their holidays amidst scenic beauties and such ‘appreciating trips’ help to increase nature tourism. It also reminds us of our responsibility and respect towards mother nature. Indulge yourself in real beauty with these trips once and you will surely agree!

    Otsu Area Map

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