Celebrate the New Year at Universal Studios Japan’s Count Down Party!

  • As the year draws closer to its new beginning, I’m sure many of you are making plans and preparations for how to celebrate the upcoming New Year with either your family or friends. Some would opt to make domestic or international trips for the holidays or make plans to visit various attractions all over the country.


    Speaking of attractions, one popular theme park in Japan conducts an annual special event for the new year! Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has been putting up a special New Year’s Countdown since it opened and of course, they’re doing it again to ring in 2016!

    Universal Countdown Party 2016

    Wondering what’s in store for park visitors for this year’s New Year Countdown? Well first off, celebrate the upcoming new year with the ultimate fireworks display that you surely wouldn’t want to miss! Top it off with a one-day countdown special live by artists m-flo, Daishi Dance, Tanaka Yasutaka of Capsule, and Shinji Takeda to liven up the party!


    Best of all, park visitors who purchase the party pass tickets will be able to enjoy the attractions for a whopping 26 hours, ride all you can until you drop! And of course, this also includes the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride and more!

    Where to Go


    Aside from those mentioned above, park visitors can choose to enjoy the Countdown special in three places inside the theme park. Visitors can either opt to enjoy at the Lagoon area (1), where lights and sounds will awe you, Gramercy Park (2), where you can enjoy the fantastic stage setup. Or Main Street (3), where you can enjoy confetti and pyrotechnics to welcome the New Year!

    Surely enough, anyone who’s planning to enjoy the upcoming New Year will have fun at Universal Studios Japan. Party pass tickets are priced from ¥11,800 to ¥22,500 depending on options you choose. As of the moment, only the ¥11,800 party pass ticket is available for web purchase, but you can still purchase other tickets via the Loppi machines in Lawson! Have a happy holiday!

    Universal Studios Japan

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    1. Angela says:

      hi where can i buy the countdown party ticket online? I cannot find the website. Thank you

      1. Polar Beagle says:

        Hi Angela, you can buy them here:

    2. Polar Beagle says:

      Hi! I was watching out for the USJ Countdown Party 2017 tickets since July 2016 but I made a mistake by just regularly checking out the ENG website and scanning the Japanese newsletter.

      I just found out a couple of days ago, well-hidden in the JP website (well, hidden from non-Japanese speakers like me) that they have started pre-selling the tickets since September 10 I think. http://www.usj.co.jp/countdown2017/ticket/

      I was able to buy the normal Countdown Party Passes through the links (QR code) but the Party Pass packages with Express Passes are already SOLD OUT. MAN! They were being sold only through the Lawson website and by delivery to a Japanese address. I don’t think there were QR code options for the Party Pass packages.

      So my question is, will they be selling normal Express Passes for January 1 (regular hours) some time soon in the official web store? Right now the only Express pass you can get for January 1 in their web store is for a Yokai Watch the Real ride.

      Is there any chance that I can still buy Express passes for January 1, 2017?

      I really hope someone can answer this! Thanks!

      1. Japan Info says:

        Hi, Polar Beagle! Thank you for reading our article. It seems that the Express Passes with QR code options are not available anymore. However, we recommend you to make a direct inquiry to USJ just to be sure. Here is their telephone number: 06-6465-4005.

        Hope you enjoy your travel in Japan! :)

    3. jason says:

      Hi Japan info,

      I am planing to trip to USJ for new year countdown this year,and i would like to check with you the transportation between kyoto to usj after near year count down party.will it be any train or bus service available?

      Hope to hear from you soon.


      1. Japan Info says:

        Hi, Jason! Thank you for reading our article and for your comment. It seems that there is no information about transportation after the party on the website. The Countdown Party will finish at 2 AM of January 1st and party attendees can stay there until 9 PM, so many people seem to stay for the whole night. However, if you wanna confirm the transportation information, please contact USJ’s international dial at 06-6465-4005. Hope you enjoy the party!

    4. Amit says:

      Thank you so much for the article. I have 2 queries.
      1. If one buys the new year count down party pass, can we leave the park after the party and return in the morning of 1 Jan 2017?
      2. If one buys a regular one day pass for 1 Jan 2017, can one enter at 8-9 AM on 1 Jan ? The operating hours are mentioned as 0200-2100 for 1st Jan so it is a little confusing. And somewhere I read that regular one day pass for 1 Jan will be able to enter only at 1400 Hrs on 1 Jan.


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