Great News for Chocolate Lovers: DARS Chocolat Boutique is Now Open!

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  • Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if some of your favorite sweets or flavors were merged into a small bundle of chocolatey goodness? Well, you do not have to wonder any longer as the DARS Chocolat Boutique that has opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. This boutique will remain open from December 12th 2015 to March 29th 2016.


    Not only are these exclusively chosen and created confections made from ingredients from different regions, they are original recipes that have been specially produced by the chocolate and French food culture researcher Mika Ogura. If you are in Japan for this period of time the store is open, I highly recommend going to check out the DARS Chocolat Boutique to pick up some of your very own special DARS chocolates.



    The original ideology behind DARS chocolate is “12 pieces of happiness in a box”. The name DARS itself comes from the word ‘dozen’ which is a scale for counting 12 objects. The DARS Chocolat Boutique opened on the 12th of December this year which is considered by the company to be “DARS day”. The one main idea behind the DARS Chocolat Boutique is to provide its customers a type of chocolate that can only be enjoyed at the Chocolat Boutique. The 12 types of chocolate featured in the Boutique are all made from cacao beans from different countries. The flavors are all unique as they range from sophisticated French delicacies to traditional Japanese sweets.

    Below is a list of the twelve flavors that are available at the DARS Chocolat Boutique along with a brief explanation of the ones that I found particularly interesting. While some of them seem to be pretty normal or imaginable flavors, some of these are pretty far out there and some of them are far beyond my imagination and knowledge of delicacies.


    Green Tea & Red Beans

    This chocolate features cacao beans from Mexico red bean paste flavored chocolate coated by green tea flavored white chocolate.

    Yogurt & Berries

    This white chocolate is made from cacao beans from Brazil with yogurt flavoring and three different types of berries. There are pieces of cereal ingrained in the chocolate to give it an interested crunchy feeling.

    Tomato & Basil

    This bitter chocolate is made from cacao beans from Madagascar and the bitter chocolate portion is basil flavored, who the top white chocolate layer is tomato flavored.


    This white chocolate is made from Venezuelan cacao. The dessert Blanc-Manger is originally almond milk made into a pudding form. This piece of chocolate imitates the dessert by trapping apricot sauce inside of a rich, almond milk flavored white chocolate exterior.

    Other flavors include:

    Tarte Tatin
    Pain d’ Epices
    Yuzu & Milk
    White Cacao

    The shop also offers some original baked goods too! Such as the DARS Madeleine, Financier and Sable.

    If you’ve seen anything you want to try from DARS, head to the Chocolat Boutique while you still can!

    DARS Chocolat Boutique website (Japanese only)

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