A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to Delicious Christmas Cakes in Japan!

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  • Christmas Day is a celebratory event for many people all over the world. Christmas in Japan, though, is an ordinary working and school day for many and is not considered a national holiday so don’t be shocked if you see people in suits on Christmas Day here.


    But on the contrary, people here actually do celebrate Christmas, although in a different manner. You’ll see people line up at KFC to get their bucket of chicken and on top of that, there is another thing that many Japanese people wouldn’t miss out on, on Christmas day and that is, cake. Christmas cake is a popular tradition around the world, so if you’re in Japan and would like to buy one, check these places out.

    Chateraise (シャトレーゼ)


    Chateraise is a popular Cake shop all over Japan and offers a variety of sweet treats. Every year during the Christmas season, Chateraise is one of many cake shops in Japan that rides the Christmas cake boom offering a number of Christmas Cake specials; from premium cakes to ice cream cakes, Chateraise has you covered with their vast selection.

    Chateraise Website
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    Ginza Cozy Corner (銀座コージーコーナー)

    Ginza Cozy Corner is a popular cake shop chain that is located all over Japan. Inside their glass case is a showcase of their delicious cake selection. Aside from the cakes they have lined up for Christmas, they also have a selection of Christmas gifts from Disney characters and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Some of their shops offer cakes both for dine in and to go, while others only offer cakes to go.

    Ginza Cozy Corner Website*Japanese Only

    Ito Yokado (イトーヨーカドー)

    Ito Yokado is one of the largest department stores in Japan and offers a Christmas Cake selection during the winter season in preparation for Christmas. Undeniably, they offer quite a good selection and have received good praises for it despite being a shopping mall. Its only difference from regular cake shops though is that you need to make a reservation in-store or online.

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    Christmas is an annual event and is a great reason to splash out a little and enjoy a delicious Christmas cake with the family and really embrace the jolly Christmas season.

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