Osaka Castle vs Nagoya Castle!

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  • Castle is an important building in Japan. In Japan, castles were built as a place to guard from enemy attack or for military defence. Built in 15th – 16th century, castles in Japan have passed some period of reconstruction, mostly because of burned down. Now a day castles are used as a museum and people keep visit castle to see the legacies of Japan.

    In Honshu island, Nagoya castle and Osaka castle are two important and famous castles that you may want to visit. As I have been visited the two castles, I would like to inform you about the condition of both castles. Based on my subjectivity I also will let you know my preference.

    As you may know, Osaka castle, is the famous site in Osaka. The entrance ticket queue at that time is very long due to a lot of visitor (not sure whether because that time is Golden week holiday). Osaka castle is very interesting and big, but unfortunately it has lost so much its originality. The current construction inside the castle is looked more modern with a lot of exhibition. Most of the historical stuffs in Osaka castle are displayed inside the glass. The visitors are also prohibited to take a picture in some parts. When you go to the castle, the top floor (8th floor) will over a great view.

    So how about Nagoya castle? Same as Osaka castle, Nagoya castle is a huge castle (even bigger than Osaka) and offers you a real experience of Japanese castle. Surprisingly, Nagoya castle not as crowded as Osaka castle. This castle also a rebuilt castle but some parts still looks original. In Nagoya castle a visitor can have a chance to see a man like samurai inside the castle. The top of the castle will also provide you with beautiful scenery.

    Basically Nagoya castle is more original and traditional compared with Osaka castle. Nagoya castle is also less crowded that Osaka one. But Osaka castle will offer you with the park (Osaka castle park) which will allow you to walk around and taking some pictures. In Osaka castle park also there is a Peace Osaka museum, a museum of Japan experience in the world war II. So finally my review and preference for both castles are 50:50.

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