How to Get Your Glasses Cleaned the Free and Easy Japanese Way

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  • When you are strolling around Tokyo, you may find many well-known glasses chain stores, and “Megane Drug” (メガネドラッグ) is one of them.


    They can be easily recognized by their cute bob-haired-girl-with-glasses mascot and their bright yellow banner. Also, they always provide an ultrasonic glasses cleaner in front of their store, and the best thing is it is free for everyone to use (and it has English instructions on it, too)!

    How to use the ultrasonic glasses cleaner


    The cleaner has two types of containers: the ‘ultrasonic machine’ and the ‘clean water’ container. The ‘ultrasonic machine’ container is the one with a green button and red lamp on it.

    Now here is the step by step process to get your glasses cleaned in only 60 seconds.

    1. Press the green button on the ultrasonic container. The machine will start to function and will turn off after 60 seconds.


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    2. Put your glasses upside-down into the ‘ultrasonic container’ and make sure the lenses are all covered with the water. Wait until the ultrasonic machine turns off automatically.


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    3. After 60 seconds you will see the red light near the green button is now off, then you can remove your glasses, and put it directly inside the ‘clean water’ container below the ultrasonic machine.


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    4. Rinse your glasses for about three to five seconds. Then take a clean tissue, and wipe the lenses of your glasses until they’re dry.


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    So, there you go! If you feel your glasses are too dirty and need a good quick clean, find a Megane Drug store and get the ultrasonic machine on the case. There are many Megane Drug stores all over Tokyo and are also located near its busiest stations (Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Iidabashi, etc).

    Megane Drug store Website

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