Kansai International Airport Terminal 2: Low Cost Carriers and High Standards

  • You might have probably read a lot of news, articles and reviews about the international airports of Japan. How good they are, how big, how clean, how convenient, how fascinating! But did you know that they have a terminal that is dedicated to low-cost carriers? This is one of the reasons that will make you want to visit and stay in Japan even more. Some of these terminals might even be better than the main international airports of some countries in the world.

    One good example is Kansai International Airport Terminal 2. Kansai Terminal 2 is not too far from the main Kansai International Airport (KIX). There is a free shuttle service from KIX going to this terminal. Currently, the terminal is used exclusively by low-cost airline Peach. There are three reasons why you will be amazed by the standards of this terminal even if they are provided for low-cost carriers.


    It is Very Clean

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    Kansai Terminal 2 is so clean, that you could actually lie on the floor if you wanted to. Well, the whole of Japan is clean. Even the toilets are clean, which is one of the great things in Japan when it comes to sanitation. And, it is very quiet after midnight until dawn.

    You Can Sleep on the Chairs

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    There are domestic flights in Japan with schedules that are quite early in the morning. If you are a commuter, you won’t be able to reach your flight even with the earliest time of a limousine bus. In this case, there are three options you can choose from: 1) take a taxi and spend a large amount for the fare (taxis are very expensive in Japan); 2) stay in the hotel near the airport and also spend a lot of money; or, 3) take the last limousine bus ride and stay in this terminal for free.

    That’s right! For a traveler with a minimal budget, you can absolutely take the last limo bus ride to the Kansai airport, transfer to terminal 2, and stay there while waiting for your flight.

    There are plenty of chairs in this terminal that could make the waiting more comfortable. And take note, the chairs are not only in very good condition but are also upholstered so that you can lie down and sleep. Airport staff also provide comforters or blankets that can make you feel more at ease. Just be ready to be woken by airport security after midnight to check your passport/ID and flight itinerary.

    You Can Get Your Boarding Pass On Your Own!

    kansai airport boarding pass

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    If you do not have any checked luggage, you can check-in on your own and get your own boarding pass without getting in line and chit-chatting with the airline representative. Just scan the barcode of your printed flight itinerary, or enter the confirmation code if the machine cannot read the barcode, check your name, confirm the details, and voila! The machine will automatically print your boarding pass and you can proceed in the boarding gate. Plus, you don’t have to go through so many security checks when checking in, or x-ray scanners for that matter.

    For those who have already experienced Kansai Airport’s terminal 2, there are probably many other reasons how or why they find it amazing. Or, why and how it is better than other international airports in the world. And by the way, in case you are wondering, there are stores, food shops in this airport that are open 24 hours. And the price? Almost the same, if not the same, with the suggested price in the stores in the city. And that is an additional feature as to why this terminal is so awesome!

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