Ayako Miura Literature Museum: Perfect Way to Get to Know the Legendary Novelist

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  • Don’t you love learning obscure facts about your favourite author? I do! For fans of Ayako Miura or anyone intrigued by her career, the Ayako Miura Literature museum is the best place to explore her masterful works and see her legacy in person.

    Best-Selling Novelist Ayako Miura


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    Ayako Miura’s first book debuted in 1964 and since then she has completed eighty works of fiction and non-fiction. Many of her novels, most of which were deemed best-selling, were turned into feature films. This talented woman was born in Asahikawa, Japan, which is also the setting for many of her novels. The themes in her books were mostly biblical and one fact I find most interesting about her life is that at the age of 17 she became an elementary school teacher!

    Museum of Literature

    The museum in her name is also located in Asahikawa. More specifically, you can find it in Mihonrin Forest, which is the setting of her first novel, Hyoten. At this museum, you will find a full history of her novels and in between exhibits, libraries, and meeting rooms, you will become an expert of Ayako Miura by the end of your visit.

    It is 500 yen to enter and it is open every day from June to September, and on select days throughout the rest of the year.

    Activities In The Museum


    Indulge in museum activities with the opportunity to attend one of the frequent lectures available, given by scholars and literary critics, where you can also discuss her works. Also, On the official website (below) you will find all the information you need regarding museum exhibits and events.

    So, as loyal or new Ayako Miura fans, isn’t it wonderful to know that she will be celebrated for endless years to come? Visiting this museum is the perfect way to honour her and her amazing legacy.

    The Miura Ayako Literature Museum Website*Japanese Only


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