Check Out Kit Kat’s New Year Packaging and Kit Kat Mail!

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  • Do you know that Kit Kat has been commonly given as a way of saying “Good Luck” in Japan? It is mainly because of a linguistic reason where the Japanese pronunciation of Kit Kat sounds a lot like kitto katsu. Kitto katsu means “You will definitely succeed” in Japanese. Thus, it has become very common for students to be carrying around this chocolate-covered wafer during entrance examinations.


    Year of the Monkey Special Packages


    In the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of the monkey. As a way of saying “Happy New Year,” Nestle has introduced a new line of special Kit Kat packages worth 135 yen each which come with an envelope for the pocket money called “otoshidama.” Otoshidama is given to children by parents and relatives every new year.

    Japanese people love cute images for certain things and Kit Kat’s new package is certainly not an exception. The box is decorated with beautiful plum blossoms having the year 2016 in it. So many illustrations of smiling simians can be seen and are mixed with all the other decorations. Each box contains three mini Kit Kat wafers with some having golden colors (limited only).

    Kit Kat Mail


    If you want to give Kit Kat via mail you can do this with Kit Kat Mail. Only this time, it includes pictures of cute boys rather than cute animals. It also serves the same purpose of saying “Good Luck” to another person. Kit Mail costs 250 yen each which is primarily targeted to job-hunters and those taking entrance examinations. You can put your personal message on the other side of the box. What makes it unique is the hologram kit included. If you have a smartphone, you can put the kit on top and watch the image of a boy band wishing you good luck while singing. It is probably the most touching thing ever!

    Kit Kat surely never ceases to surprise its huge market around the world which is something to look forward to every year.

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