The Croquette Burger is Back at Japanese McDonald’s, Eat It While You Still Can!

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  • We all love seasonal menus, andI love McDonald’s more than most people should. When I finally go, I hope they bury me with a bag of Japanese rice, along with a Big Mac and fries. I know, I know, they will rot. But they are good.

    McDonald’s has been facing stiff competition in recent months and they have tried to revamp menus and gain their customer base back after a few slight scandals. Well, this burger, does just that.

    Released on December 15th, the Croquette Burger is known and loved by Japanese customers. Flavorful, unique, and all around delicious. There are two options to choose from, with a price difference of 30 yen. Let’s take a look below.

    Standard Version

    The standard croquette burger features a perfectly deep fried crab and macaroni gratin croquette, with a delicious brown tonkatsu sauce on a bed of cabbage. The bun is a standard steamed McDonald’s bun, which does no harm in my opinion. Pick up the meal for 640 yen, or a stand-alone burger for 340 yen. Go for the meal. Who doesn’t love McDonald’s fries? Just be sure to ask for ketchup specifically, as the locals seem to feel ketchup is optional. I have driven home from the drive-thru one too many times to find my food lacking ketchup. Now, they know me. I get extra ketchup.

    Gourmet Version

    There is also a more gourmet version of the burger. It features the same delicious croquette, but it is topped with beef demi-glace sauce and cheddar cheese piled on the aforementioned cabbage and bun. This one is a keeper. The sauce is luscious, the cheese a little sharp, and the combination heavenly. Really, if you are going to get the burger, go big or go home. I prefer this one to the standard version. The price is 670 yen for the meal, 370 yen for the lonely version. The cheese and sauce may have a few extra calories, but you can waddle to McDonald’s rather than drive or do a few jumping jacks while waiting for your order.


    One of the best things about fast food restaurants in Japan are the limited time or seasonal menus. So, if you see something that interests you, or looks a little yummy, buy it and try it! Any of these are only month long offerings, you don’t want to be pining for missed tastes! I still have a frozen Texas burger in my freezer from last year in case of emergencies. After all, who knows when that one is coming back!

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