Niseko United: A Fantastic Website in English to Help You Navigate Niseko!

  • Niseko is the coveted land of snow sports and relaxation. Perfect powder snow, amazing accommodations, and wonderful food. Although there are a variety of places to stay and ski, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you and your needs. Thankfully, this website will help you out. Full English support, amazing recommendations, and a useful guide to the slopes: Niseko United.

    The beauty of the website is that it compares 4 resorts in the Niseko area. Their slogan of ‘One Mountain, Four Resorts’ is spot on. Amazing info, written in proper English, giving you an in-depth guide at your fingertips.

    You can find all the essential information you need using the tags at the bottom of the page.

    About Mt. Niseko

    This section provides information on the mountain, resorts, and facilities. The info includes avalanche reports and overall information on the area. Niseko is home to some of the driest, and lightest powder snow in Japan. Swoosh, swoosh!

    The Trail Map

    Any good skier or snowboarder wants to know exactly what they are getting into before heading down the slopes. With this table, you can find detailed information in English about the available trails and where to find them. You can click on the individual resorts for an expanded view, or download the PDF version for offline browsing.

    Weather and Lift Info

    The weather can change at the drop of a hat. Be prepared, and check this section of the website out! Updated constantly, and clickable by area, check this before you make a day trip, or book a last minute flight to your flurry filled nirvana.


    You can’t enjoy the fun in the sun in the powder if you can’t find the place! Use the access map to help you out, rent a car, take a shuttle bus, a regular bus, or train.

    If you want the best snow conditions in Japan, and want to enjoy amazing winter sports, check out Niseko. You will not be disappointed. I have snowboarded all over Japan, the US, Canada, and France. By far, my favourite is Niseko. It is the caviar of skiing!

    Niseko United Access

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