Bourbon’s Chocolate Slice: Japan’s Sweetest Innovation

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  • If you are a chocolate fan who always longed for chocolate in the form of a cheese slice, congratulations, your wish has been granted! Thanks to Bourbon, a Japanese confectionery company, pre-sliced, individually wrapped chocolate has come to life.

    What is Special About these Chocolate Slices?


    スライス生チョコレート (Suraisu Nama Chokoreto) by Bourbon is made of nama chocolate, a combination of chocolate ganache and cream together with a thick milk chocolate. Bourbon promotes this product with the slogan: “Cut! Roll! Wrap! On!” as seen in the picture, representing the four best ways to enjoy this chocolate slice. Within this sweet innovation, you need to worry no more about scraping your chocolate spread off of a spoon. These slices will make your life easier in an instant!

    Below are the 4 best ways to enjoy one of these chocolate slices:

    1. Put it on top of your bread


    This is the fastest, easiest, yet the most-wanted way to enjoy this chocolate slice. Just slap those slices onto your morning bread and there you have it, a simple yet satisfying breakfast. (Another tip: you can put your bread into the toaster oven for a few seconds, too!)

    2. Cut using cute cookie cutters and pair it with your favorite cracker


    The texture of Bourbon chocolate slices makes it easy to cut into many cute shapes. Their sweet and rich chocolate taste will be a perfect match for a classic crispy cracker with some afternoon tea.

    3. Wrap it inside of crepes


    We know that chocolate is the perfect base for almost every dessert and yes, the chocolate slices are perfect for a sweet, creamy crepe with other additional fillings such as fresh berries and whipped cream!

    4. Roll it inside sponge cake


    To make your sponge cake less boring and more mouthwatering, add the chocolate slice on top of a layer of sponge cake and then roll, roll, roll! Don’t forget to add some whipped cream and fruit on top!

    Although the Danish people have innovated similar toppings for their bread with sugary slices called Pålægschokolade for years, the former version seems harder than Bourbon’s version. Regardless of whose idea is the best, if chocolate can be this good, let’s hope their sweetness stays on the market.

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