Japan’s Newest Pork–Broth Ramen Soup Candies – Yay or Nay?!

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  • Are you more into savory or sweet food? If you are one of those who prefer savory food, you may find it difficult to resist snacks which you can silently chew your boredom away with while at work.

    Thankfully, someone in Japan has come up with an idea to produce savory candies which the pork bone ramen soup flavor! Now, you can also chew on these savory candies casually without any noise, unlike other savory snacks such as potato chips which are messy and would produce lots of noise when you’re eating, making them perfect for the situations where you need to stay discreet.

    Ramen Soup Candies

    These candies are the result of the collaboration between Nissen shopping service and Pine Co. candy companies. Upon getting suggestions for new flavor ideas from 6000 people, the judges decided that the pork bone ramen soup flavor or “tonkotsu” would be a novel and interesting idea that they chose to try producing candies with such flavor. After all, many people like the taste of pork bone ramen, so why not?

    The companies took an additional five months to develop the candies to have a delicious and proper taste. The ingredients of the candies are sugar, syrup, salt, pork extract powder, skimmed milk powder, flavoring, seasoning (such as amino acids), and carotenoid pigments (including soybean, gelatin, and sesame, some of which are raw). The candies were released on the 27th of November, 2015, and they can be bought online at 345 yen per pack at Nissen’s website.
    *They don’t offer this product any more.

    The candies are round in shape, hard, and not sweet at all. These candies are certainly a treat because we all know how time-consuming making actual soup is. Whenever you have cravings for pork bone ramen soup, you can just pop some of these candies in your mouth. Instead of buying sweet snacks as souvenirs on your next trip in Japan, get these unique savory candies! It will definitely surprise unsuspecting people who would be expecting it to be sweet or sour.

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