Want Some Manga-Inspired Clothes? Check Out Felissimo’s Rose of Versailles Dresses!

  • On the 17th of February, 2015, Felissimo launched a clothing collection which is based on The Rose of Versailles manga series on their web shop, Sukiyaki. The creator of The Rose of Versailles, Ryoko Ikeda, also supervised the creation of the dresses, so you could say that it got a thumbs up by the original author. The clothes are mainly inspired by the clothes of the two main characters, Oscar and Marie Antoinette.

    About The Rose of Versailles


    The Rose of Versailles is a shojo manga series that is also known by other titles such as Lady Oscar or La Rose de Versailles. It is one of the most popular shojo manga series and was produced in 1972. In the story, the main character, Oscar François de Jarjayes, is a girl who is raised as a man so that she can take over her father’s position as the Palace Guards’ leader. The key elements to the story are the conflict between her desire to help the oppressed lower classes and her loyalty to her own class. She also struggles between wanting to be a regular woman and wanting to be a militant. There are also yuri elements in the manga, revolving around Oscar’s relationships with Marie Antoinette and other women who are attracted to her.

    The Dresses


    There is a Marie Antoinette collection and an Oscar collection of dresses.

    Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette Series

    Rose of Versailles Oscar Series

    Personal Thoughts

    Overall, I prefer the Marie Antoinette series as the dresses look prettier and more feminine to me.
    I like how the dresses are unique and somewhat Victorian in style, yet are suitable to be worn as everyday clothing. Unlike Lolita dresses, these dresses inspired by The Rose of Versailles do not have puffy skirts and elaborate styles which might attract stares if worn casually outside of Japan. You can buy the dresses from Felissimo online or at outlet stores of Felissimo Tokyo.

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