Mario Land: A Mario-themed Apartment in Tokyo

  • Are you interested in staying in a less typical type of room during your trip to Japan? Do you love the fanciness of a love hotel but are too shy to stay at one? Are you in need of some style but do not want the expense? Then you may try to stay at Mario Land which is a Mario-themed apartment.



    The apartment is registered with Airbnb and is located in Meguro, Tokyo which is said to be a better place to stay compared to nearby Shibuya. This is because Meguro is not as crowded and noisy as Shibuya, which makes Meguro a more peaceful and relaxing place to rest. That’s not all, because during the spring season, Mario Land is one of the most strategic places to stay. It is only a minute walk from Meguro River, which is touted to be among the best spots to view cherry blossoms in Tokyo.


    Decor and Layout


    The owner of the apartment, Parker, is not only a fan of Nintendo, he is artistic as well. Some of the Mario props you see in the apartment are made by him!

    I bet Mario fans would not be able to resist the urge to jump and hit the question mark box with their heads. Here is a fun fact: Mario actually hits the block with his punch instead of his head!


    And of course, the princess is always in another castle.


    Since this apartment is based on the Super Mario games, how can it not have the game itself? There is a gaming area in the apartment where you can play old-school SNES and NES video games such as Super Mario and Street Fighter!


    How to Book

    If this Mario-themed apartment interests you, you can make your reservation here. The price is quite affordable considering its locationa and interesting interior design! Mario fans would definitely be delighted to stay at Mario Land.

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