Hitachi Seaside Park: Earthly Paradise in Japan

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  • Hitachi Seaside Park (国営ひたち海浜公園), also known as Hitachi Kaihin is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan. Hitachi Kaihin is a sprawling 470-acre public park located in Hitachi, Ibaraki, near Ajigaura Beach.

    These fairy tale-like sceneries are not digital images of our most vivid dreams, they are real photos taken at the Park.

    Hitachi Seaside Park is very famous for its sprawling baby blue eye flowers (Nemophila) on Miharashi Hills. In spring, more than 4.5 million baby blue eyes are blooming across Hitachi Kaihin. During the blooming season, this beauty is known as the Nemophila Harmony. The Nemophila Harmony paints the Miharashi Hills light blue, creates a perfect harmony under the blue sky across the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

    However, Hitachi Kaihin is not just about its famous Nemophila Harmony. There are a lot of other varieties of flowers in this earthly paradise. About a million lilies are blooming among the pine trees every year. Moreover, there are about 170 other flower varieties as well, such as tulips, zinnias, kochias, cosmos, and many others.

    After enjoying the beauty, by either walking or cycling around the park and refreshing our mind with the sea of flowers, you can go try some nearby attracitons, like the giant Ferris Wheel. Enjoy a wonderful ride with the sight of sprawling colorful flower tapestries colliding with blue Pacific Ocean. It is just Perfect!

    If you are planning on visiting Japan this spring, don’t forget to include this park in your must-visit list!