What Do You Think of This Japanese Artist’s Realistic Cat Handbags? Creepy or Super Kawaii?

  • Fancy carrying a cat around but don’t want to put up with feeding it, brushing it or cleaning up poop? Now you can have a cat without all the hassle by getting one of these cute cat bags. They are insanely cute and would definitely draw people’s attention to you!

    About the Artist and Designs


    The bags are individually crafted by a Japanese artist who calls herself Pico. On her twitter account, @picopoco08, she mentioned that she is a housewife who just really loves cats and crafting products resembling cats such as stuffed toys and handbags.

    The handbags are made to look realistically like cats without neglecting the practical quality of being a usable handbag! The material used is faux fur and the individual markings on the bags are airbrushed with acrylic paint before other details like zips, fastenings, plastic eyes and straps are added.

    Cat Bag Varieties


    She has made different designs of the cat handbags but the black, caramel and white color pattern is said to be the most popular. Out of the several bag designs I have seen so far, I have to agree that this one (above) looks the cutest. I almost thought about possibly buying a cat handbag, but I was put off upon knowing how much it cost. This cute bag was sold for 83,000 yen!

    If you prefer a handbag that will not get dirty easily, then the black cat handbag would be a perfect choice.


    This white cat handbag might require an owner who is a neat freak who can maintain its flawless, white color:


    You can check out the artist’s twitter account to see more feline designs in addition to the bags, such as this pretty plush cat!


    The cat handbags look extremely adorable and I really like how they look so rotund like fat cats. It is one of the things which I can only enjoy looking at even if I can’t afford one. Are you willing to splurge on an adorable cat handbag?

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