Birkenstock TATAMI – Incredibly Comfortable Sandals With a “Japanese Twist”

  • Do you know the world-famous 230-year-old German shoe brand Birkenstock? Well, have you heard about TATAMI, the Birkenstock spin-off brand that incorporated the ingenious craftsmanship of Birkenstock sandals with the idea of traditional tatami mats?

    The TATAMI sandals are made according to anatomical research and aim to provide the most comfortable footwear there is around.


    The reason this spin-off brand is named TATAMI is because of how it resembles the tatami mattresses that have been traditionally used in Japan and other Asian countries. Many sandals are based on only pleasing people aesthetically and are bad for their feet. TATAMI sandals aim to balance the beauty that comes with stylish footwear and the comfort and functionality of Birkenstock sandals. You can follow this high-end brand to learn about their new products and limited edition collaborations on their Facebook and Instagram.


    With a highly supportive “heel cup” and arch support, these sandals provide high levels of support when walking through the streets or the countryside for long periods of time without getting tired. The idea of a FOOTBED is to allow the foot to “rest” while walking, in other words, to provide so much support for the feet that walking would not be taxing but relaxing instead.

    The FOOTBED is made of four distinct layers each providing hygroscopicity and durability of the sandal. The four layers are: suede, jute, latex mixed with cork, and rubber mixed with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).

    TATAMI also has limited edition collaboration models with other brands such as People Tree, FIDELITY and PENDLETON. This brand is definitely a great find for anyone who loves stylish and comfortable shoes with a bit of an “ethnic” twist.

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