Visit One of The Top Restaurants in Asia: Kagurazaka Ishikawa, Tokyo

  • For 9 consecutive years, Tokyo City has been known as one of the dining capitals of the world. With the extremely huge number of restaurants located in Tokyo, it is no wonder why many foodies flock to this place.


    One of the establishments which gained a three-star rating in the 2016’s Michelin Guide to Japan’s capital is the restaurant named “Ishikawa.” It is established in the old geisha district of Kagurazaka.

    Restaurant Beginnings


    Ishikawa is considered to be one of the World’s Best Restaurants and one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. It is owned by Chef Hideki Ishiwa who is well-known for his skills in serving only the best seasonal dishes to his guests. The restaurant was established 13 years ago and has already been awarded three Michelin stars 7 years ago. The entrance to the restaurant is simple, discreet and exudes a peaceful atmosphere. You can see a little garden on the left as you walk into a corridor. There is also a notorious single seven-seat counter, which, as story has it, has been made from a 400-year-old cypress which was cut down when the Ise Shinto Shrine was renovated in 1993.

    How Dishes are Served


    Once you’re seated at the counter, the chef will be asking you some questions to find more about your taste and make you feel comfortable. He’ll also ask whether you have any prevailing food allergies which is one of the most important things to know before he moves onto cooking. Then, two sets of menu will be given for you to choose from. You can only do this at the time of reservation. Most of the preparation is done by the chef himself though you can see some sous-chefs serving some of the dishes. There are some cases when special sauces are to be tasted only by the chef himself for approval before serving.

    If you’re new to the place and can’t seem to be able to choose, you can always ask for recommendations from the chef himself. He is very proud of his dishes and will certainly give you some of the best recommendations.

    One could struggle finding the restaurant. Remember though, it is located 20 meters from Kagurazaka there is a famous Zenkoku-ji Temple right next to it.

    Ishikawa truly well-deserves its three Michelin stars. You’ll definitely be satisfied by the refined dining experience and have appreciation for a great food they serve.


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