Takachiho Gorge: A Mystical Gem of Kyushu

  • Takachiho Gorge or Takachiho canyon (高千穂峡) is truly a mystical gem of Kyushu located in Miyazaki prefecture, about 200 kilometers from Fukuoka city. Takachiho Canyon is an exceptionally beautiful narrow gorge cut through the rock by the Gokase River. The spectacular steep walls of the Takachiho Gorge were formed by rapid cooling of a lava flow, that filled the narrow valley of Gokase River when Mount Aso erupted about 120,000 years ago. The gorge is magnificent and the stones resemble flakes. The rocks composition of the gorge also resembles the shape of the dragon.

    Takachiho Gorge is truly an art of mother nature. The canyon is very quiet and intimate for such a widely visited place in Japan. There are two exceptionally good locations to enjoy the scenery. The first one is from the river below. Below the southern part of the gorge, there is a boat rental service available for riding across the river (2000 yen per 30 min boat rental, max 3 people). The river is calm and really easy for boat riding, so you have nothing to worry about. The view of the gorge is very beautiful and you will see many ducks that swim around you. You can buy a pack of duck food to take on the ride to feed them and the ducks will be surrounding you. This route is highly recommended for you to enjoy and see the rock composition across the gorge and waterfall close up.

    The second location is up above the gorge. There is a road for hikers spread across the canyon. You will have a gorgeous sight along the way. The road is about 1-kilometer long and ends at the Takachiho-jinja Shrine.

    And that’s not all, there are some other spots you must stop by when you visit Takachiho Gorge. Such as, Freshwater Fish Aquarium, Stocked Fishing Ponds, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Also every summer, the gorge is decorated with fairy lights flickering until 10:00 AM.